Sharing our internship experiences

The other day, some of us taking the internship course shared a presentation of our internship experience with the course leader and other classmates.  As I may have mentioned before, what counts for the internship grade is not how well we perform in our intern role. Instead, what counts is how well we are able to apply the literature on your analysis of both the organization (such as its culture, social norms, informal arrangements, gender, hierarchy,..) and your own experience of becoming a mamber of the organization.

On the presentation day, I would say that the presentations went rather smooth. We were open to both asking and answering questions. Also, there was a  discussion in the end in which we touched upon different points. However, what I remember the most was one point on the lines of ” things individuals may experience separately, could be happening to a whole group due to structural or other reasons. So, it was important to reach out to people who may be in your same situation in order to do something about it”.

In my opinion, the time spent listening to internship experiences enriched the outcomes of the course because we took with us not only our experiences but also others’.

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