My internship!

How did I get my internship? Well, I started by writing a spontaneous application by email to the company, with a cover letter and my CV. In the email, I expressed my interest and wrote that “In the Environmental Communication and Management masters degree, there is a possibility of doing an internship for at least 5 weeks, in the period from June till December 2018“. Although you only have the “obligation” to do it for up to 5 weeks for the 15ECTS, I thought it was good to give the available timeframe anyways. So, it is up to the students to choose how long we want to do an internship for, and one of the two examination times: either November or January. It was through emails and the interview how we discussed the timings, possibilities, and tasks.

Where am I doing my internship? I am doing it at an ecological consultancy at the Green Innovation Park. I applied for the company because I was interested in knowing how the consultancy sector works. My background is in environmental sciences, so I thought it would be nice to refresh a bit the “sciences” stuff, and I thought that an internship was a good opportunity to do it.

What is my task? Well, the fancy name could be a “Market Research” about the consultancy sector in Europe, but the reality is that I am gathering information from both in and outside the company, and putting it in order. It may look like it is not very related to communication and the environment, but it was!. I interviewed my colleagues about their work and experiences (that was cool), and I also looked at loooots of websites at the European level and at the country level. I had to restrict the search along the way and ask for guidance, but I’ve managed to get an overview and see links between what’s being done and the possible future needs in different sectors!.


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