ECM Interns 2018

More examples of where students did their internships:

Intern 3.  At a public sector cooperation for sustainable transport, Greener Trondheim, as well as in the general climate strategy of Trondheim municipality.

What is your task?: Working closely with a group of travel advisors – “My internship is very open, and I am building my own working days. Right now, I am working on a report and presentation based on results from a big survey of children’s modes of transport to and from schools. In the coming week we are also holding several events as part of the European Mobility week (16th to 22nd of September), which I help arrange and of course attend.”

Why did you choose that place?: “I chose to work in Greener Trondheim as it correlates with my interests in environment, infrastructure traffic management and city planning. I also found the public sector cooperation interesting.”

Intern 4. At the Swedish International Centre of Education for Sustainable Development (SWEDESD) at Uppsala University.

What is your task?: “My work includes communication around various activities at SWEDESD, amongst others the strategical and structural conceptualization of the ESD Learning Lab that currently is being established at Uppsala University Campus Gotland.”

Why did you choose that place?: The aim behind SWEDESD’s research and projects is to generate new knowledge about learning processes to advance sustainable development. SWEDESD focuses on learning environments, building teachers’ and trainers’ capacity as well as establishing synergy in learning for sustainable development, both on a regional and national level. – “I chose this place for my internship to learn more about pedagogical transformation in higher educational context towards sustainability.”

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