Second year choices: Courses or internship?

This second year, and especially the first semester, leaves space for some choices:

  • You can choose to take (Sept-Oct) – Internship in environmental communication, or – The Context and Process of Research I and II: Theories and Methods, both options worth in total 15 ECTS. However, these options are not fixed. It may be the case that you´ve worked for many years, and instead of an internship, you rather prefer to take a course on another subject and university during that first period. If that’s the case, you can talk with the EC team and apply for a different course, such as those offered at CEMUS ( ).
  • Later on (Nov-January), you can take either – The Process of Research: Qualitative Methods, Data Analysis, and Academic Writing 15 ECTS or – Governance of Natural Resources 15 ECTS. Maybe, if you are more into learning from a long internship experience (more than 2 months), you could try to transfer credits from methods courses you´ve already taken. This would give you the possibility to extend the internship time if you wish.

It can also be the case that you may want to study abroad in the second year. It is possible to do so if contacting the department and applying for it in the first year. It will take some planning, sure, but the possibility is there! It is what I like the most about the study system here: the flexibility. 🙂

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