Lovely Déjà vu

Exploring, 2017

Sunny as it was, coming back to Uppsala for the second year felt like a “Déjà vu”, a term which is used for when someone experiences that they’ve lived something before, although they haven’t. I suppose I pictured Uppsala in my head like a distant and dream-place during summer. So now, repeating the way to Uppsala from the airport, seeing people you haven’t seen in a while, and biking to the SLU felt familiar and unreal at the same time!

Super bad quality. I know. – But that’s a deer!!               A DEER!!


I shared these and other thoughts with a friend, and we also talked about the perceived outcomes we had from our first year studying ECM. We agreed that we couldn’t have learned more intensely within a year. Maybe we could have gone through more theory, but as she pointed out “I don’t remember most of what I went through during my bachelors, and I think I will remember last year very much”.

Putting those thoughts apart, I feel with energy to start my internship and I am looking forward to the second year ahead. I hope you too!


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