Interviews, reflections and snow, lots of snow

Our time in Gotland is almost finished now. After having interviewed all actors, we have to work hard writing the report about our analysis, results, and also to go together through our notes about group dynamics. We will try to apply the theories about conflict management that we got familiar with in previous weeks. However, if group work continues being as it has been so far, I bet we will do great!

We actually got the chance to learn and reflect quite a lot these days. I particularly liked the exercises all groups did in the common room, such as sharing with others what it is like to be part of the project group, how each group organizes the work, and experiences or things that went wrong!

It’s been nice being “interviewers” for a few days and sharing this experience with each other, visiting Visby and having some “Saffranspannkaka” (a type of pancake from there).


General feeling: Very proud and happy with the group work experience! 100% recommendable.

All the best,



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