Getting ready for Gotland!

From the 26th of February to 2rd of March the whole class will be travel to the island Gotland in order to conduct a project field work.  The research project is independently designed by us, which is cool, although we will be supervised in the process through consultation meetings.

The aim of the field trip is to get data and investigate social interaction and communication aspects of individuals or groups involved in a potential development or environmental conflict in the county of Gotland!

The best thing was that we all had to come up with ideas of what we wanted to do research about. Some of the issues my classmates considered to do the investigation about were Water management and scarcity, Wind power, Minning industry, Local Action groups, and Tourism.

Choosing a topic and creating groups for the field project in Gotland

Afterwards, we also had to choose a Group name.

There were quite funny ones such as Wind Power Rangers haha. It is not my group though, just wanted to share it!

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