A unique way of starting a lecture

Today I will share with you the 40 min of “No lecture” we experienced the other day. “Yes!” right?… No, not really. It was confusing!

There was just one piece of paper on each table with “instructions for studies of group relations”. The instructions explained first that there were boundaries between the social system and its environment, and also between groups, pairs, and individuals. Apparently, the exercise was aiming us to investigate the social dynamics of the classroom and to challenge the expectations of the social systems, both conscious and unconscious.

I did not know what it meant, but it was related to the Group research we will soon do in Gotland. So, during those minutes, some people moved from their seats, and most people continued sat and talked. After the 40 mins passed, we were told by the lecturers that they had written on a piece of paper every “unusual” thing happening in the class in a very precise way like “9:35a.m. one person standing up”. I was surprised. We were expected to do something very unusual, but… what? I wondered.

Being in a classroom you are not supposed to do certain things… However, we expected to have a normal lecture, and we behaved as if we were in one normal lecture when it was not. Thus, I suppose those minutes were all about making a point: Why.

Now I recall yesterday’s lecture about power and the sentence that “All humans take part in the constant reproduction of the way things are”. Also, a┬álecturer’s example of him biking and carrying heavy waste from a reform to dump it outside the town in the municipal landfill, and saying that somehow he was “being the proof” that things can be done differently. Instead of taking the car, he took the bike. At least for me this all kind of make the point of “Be the change you want to see in the world” that I saw or heard somewhere, someday. I don’t know. Suddenly it does not seem a bad idea to record when you “interact”, “communicate”, and “how” those ideas reached your mind… doesn’t it?

Cheers ­čÖé

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