Role play! Experiencing conflict

Today the lecturer handed out the instructions of an exercise. The instructions included the conflict case background and the description of actors and their roles in the case, such as several landowners, two members of the CAB, and a member of a Conservation Society.

The aim of the exercise was to experience the feelings and struggles that the actor would go through in a discussion about compensation for converting private-owned land into a natural reserve.

First, we met with the classmates who received the same role and discussed how we would back up our assigned position. The fact that we did not know the argumentation which others would use made the discussion exercise quite real. In the end we went back to our role groups and exchanged our experiences! At least in my group, we came to the conclusion that personalities could have influenced how the group members were more passive or aggressive when defending their role’s position!

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  1. Hello Ana,

    I’m writing from Brazil. I’m starting my Master in Ecology, here, and I like very much the program of the Environmental Communication and Management.
    Can you, please, tell me who is the Coordinator Professor of the Program an in which deparement or Faculty of The SLU it belongs to?
    I would like to make contact with the team responsible for the program for future collaboration.
    We like very much your blog.
    Best Regards,


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