Returning to humour

One of my very first posts was a gamble. I posted a short text on humour with a video of one of the most offensive comedians I know, on a site where I know I am to be the representative of a high-level academic program, addressing one of the most globally significant challenges the future is facing. I was new to this task, had not had time to build trust with the admin, and could easily have been reprimanded or taken off this blog.

Luckily, our EC team agree on the value of humour and enjoyed the video.

Since, I have wanted to elaborate on how humour can play a critical role in both individual and societal change.

This video explains it better than I ever could:

And I just want to echo his point of how humour helps us cope with harsh realities and allows us to explore new points of view.

Here, this should illustrate what I mean pretty nicely:


And bringing it all back to Environmental Communication, here is a brilliant satire:


By seen0001

My name is Sebastian, but I’ve been called many nicknames under the sun: Seb, Sebbe, Sebban, Sebbi, Sebbzor, Seabass, Bob, Harry Potter, Spiderman, “The Man. The Myth. The Legend.” I am in many ways a practical optimist, an entertainer, and a solid friend. My current mission is to help the next generation live even better lives than we have. How I strive for this will evolve with time, and certainly with this course! I am interested in pretty much everything that has to do with life — life on this planet, it’s evolution, and the lives of people, in history and here and now — and the culmination is my endless strive to live life fully.

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