New Course in Animal Genetics

A quick update regarding the last course of my first year as a masters student at SLU!

Following the current trend of picking all genetic-related courses in the programme, I decided to take the Animal Genetics: health, behaviour, and welfare course. As the name indicates, this course mixes up several topics that were taken separately in previous courses (e.g. animal genetics, ethology and welfare, veterinary medicine, etc.).

My thoughts so far? I believe that this has been the busiest course so far, even compared with the previous one which was bioinformatics. We have been swamped with work, but the topics are so interesting that I don’t complain!  Also, the discussions in class and team work are quite challenging due to the different student’s backgrounds, so you don’t just learn from the lecturers, but also from your classmates, which is quite nice!

Overall, this has been a quite intense and interesting course that I would recommend to anyone interested in genetics and welfare.

Hope you enjoyed this quick update, and have a lovely day!


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