Cycling in Uppsala

Winter is coming, and with that the cycling season is almost over… Unless you want a broken leg or a concussion from slipping on the icy roads, that is! Although there are really crazy-experienced Swedish cyclists that will keep pedaling even if it rains or snows. So, after almost half a year of going around Uppsala on my tiny black bike, it is time to put her in the bike shed until next season and to tell you about the perks of living in a city made for cyclists.

Bikes, bikes everywhere!

Bikes are awesome! They are good for exercising, eco-friendly, and they are an economic means of transportation (especially considering the local bus prices). Here in Uppsala you see them everywhere you go. If you don’t believe me you can check out the pictures of SLU’s bike parking area at Denisa’s blog from the Environmental Economics and Management area!

Although full of plus points by themselves, I think that the real charm of having a bike here in Uppsala is how convenient it is. Uppsala is extremely bike-friendly and has bike roads and bike parking as good as everywhere.

Bike roads here are very modern, they have their own illumination, maps for those who refuse to use Google Maps, especial crossings for cyclists and pedestrians, and when in winter, the snow gets scooped away just like in the car roads. I particularly like how the bike roads are usually separated from the car roads, so you feel quite safe while cycling without the fear of falling and suddenly ending up in front of a car.

Additionally, people here has some cycling manners (well…some of them) and make sure to signal with their hand when they want to make a turn so the people in the back can be prepared. Also, most of drivers (well… most of them…again) are very respectful of cyclists. This makes Uppsala a cycling paradise!

The main bike road I use every day. Difficult to get lost with all those signs!
Some useful maps along the road
Nothing better than riding your bike while enjoying the autumn colours

Of course, bikes are not perfect and there are some downsides. like the unpredictable Swedish weather, the battle royal for a bike parking spot, and the abundance of bike thieves (put a good lock on your bike if you don’t want it to get stolen!). But overall, having a bike in Uppsala is great!

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