The Stjärtlapp

A few weeks ago, I spent 30 SEK in the best thing I could ever do: a stjärtlapp!

But what in the world is a stjärtlapp? I t is a heart shaped, flat plastic seat with a handle, that is used for sliding in the snow – you could say that is the cheap version of a snow sledge.

There are a couple of places where you can go sliding in Uppsala, however the place where I went to is just in the town centre, in Uppsala’s castle (Uppsala Slott). There is an area fully equipped for this kind of activity, with a barrier that prevents people to slide into the street, and also protection in stones and trees so people don’t get hurt.

Slopes at Uppsala Slott

But isn’t this kind of thing just for kids? To be completely honest, it is mostly kids who use the stjärtlapp, and it is very likely that you will just see kids in the slopes. But don’t be dishearten! I’ve also seen a couple of adults engaging in the fun of sliding down a slope, feeling the cold wind in their faces, and getting copious amount of snow inside their pants and shoes.


So if you have the opportunity, just pop into a Sportia store, buy a stjärtlapp, and have some fun, it is 100% recommended!

Hope you have a wonderful day!


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