Hokusai Exhibition

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go to the Hokusai Exhibition in Stockholm. I believe that most of you might not know who Hokusai is, but he is the person behind the Great Wave of Kanagawa, one of the most famous pieces of art from Japan.

The exhibition had several pieces of his work, like his series of thirty-six views of Mount Fuji, as well as some of his more satirical prints. His work is extremely detailed, and part of its charm is that it depicts the life of common Japanese people, rather than the wealthy living in luxury.

Here are some of the pictures I took during this exhibition. If you are interested, this exhibition is going to be open until the 3rd of June.

Biography of Hokusai
So many people showed up!
The famous Great Wave off Kanagawa
South Wind, Clear Sky
Goten-yama-hill, Shinagawa on the Tokaido


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