Hemmakväll: the lösgodis paradise

After living in Sweden for a while, I’ve come to notice that there is an ingrained passion for loose candy in every Swede. You can find loose candy practically in every supermarket, and I believe that I’ve never seen so many stores only dedicated to sell loose candy in my entire life!

One of the most well-known, and largest chain of stores that sells lösgodis is called Hemmakväll. This store used to be mainly a video rental shop where you could also get some loose candy, however since the renting business has dropped dramatically in recent years, selling loose candy has become Hemmakväll’s most popular trade.

Here are bring to you some colourful pictures of our last visit to Hemmakväll!

Loose candy at Hemmakväll
Liquorice everywhere. Stay away from those! (I definitely think this is an acquired taste…not for me)
More liquorice

Hope you have a wonderful day!


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