Dancing classes in Uppsala

If you are interested in exercising, but you are not very fond of going of the gym like me, dancing is a really good option. Is great for reducing stress, improve your circulation, motor skills, health and the best part: it’s really fun!

At the beginning of every year, several dance academies in Uppsala start promoting their open house events, where they invite everybody to have a taste of the different courses they offer. The best part of these events is that you can try as many classes you want, but without paying or even registering in advance. It is quite free, and it helps a lot when picking which class you want to attend for the rest of the semester.

Today, since I had most of my evening free, I was finally able to go to the open house organized by the Uppsala Danscenter academy, one of the most popular in town. The experience was really nice, and the instructors were welcoming and professional. I got to try different dancing styles such as Bollywood, belly dance, reggaetton, and heels. I think making a decision on which course I want to take is going to be extremely difficult…I liked them all!

Uppsala Danscenter entrance
After heels class

So, if you have a dancing history and want to continue, or if you just want to have some fun while exercising, and therefore you are planning on joining a dance academy in Uppsala, I would definitely recommend going to one of these events. Below, I’ll be leaving the links of the homepages of a couple of academies so you can check them out if you are interested.

Uppsala Danscenter: http://www.uppsaladanscenter.com/
Uppsala Dansakademi: http://www.uppsaladansakademi.com/

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