Fika Adventures: The Broker- best fika at SLU

Next to the Veterinärmedicinskt och husdjursvetenskapligt centrum (or VHC for short), there is a small red-cabin-like building with a yellow sign that says, “The Broker Coffee Roastery.” This place –in my humble opinion— is the best café on campus, and perhaps one of the best I’ve been in Uppsala.

Counter at The Broker.

The owner, Johan, is a coffee enthusiast and a great person! He enjoys talking with his clients and always makes sure to recommend the best coffee he has in the house. And if you have any kind of personal preference –like me, who prefers her coffee with tons of milk and two drops of coffee, —he and his barista will always make sure to find a way to indulge you!

Coffee and the best cardamum buns at the Broker.

The café offers a variety of lunch options and of course, sweet buns for fika! The cardamom buns they serve are, by far, the best buns I’ve ever had! These buns are fragrant, sweet and crunchy on the outside, and fluffy and soft on the inside. Would recommend 100%!

Breakfast and lunch options at the Broker.
Delicious cardamum buns. You have to try them!

So, if you have some time to relax between classes, this place is a great choice!

Hope you have a lovely day!


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