Kanelbullens dag

Hej hej!

Here I come with another small post about one of Sweden’s most important days. Am I talking about the King’s birthday? Midsummer? Or perhaps Christmas? Nay!!!! I’m of course talking about The Cinnamon Bun Day — better known as Kanelbullens Dag!

No, it is not a joke! Unlike other national food days from other countries, like the doughnut day in the US, or the taco day in Mexico, where people is aware of its existence but nothing is really done nationwide, the special day of Sweden’s most beloved sweet bun is taken very seriously.

Each 4th of October, the country’s grocery stores, convenience stores, bakeries and cafés offer incredible discounts so that people can enjoy their daily fika with a couple of extra delicious cinnamon buns.

At SLU’s “Amigo” market, they even combined the Cinnamon Bun Day with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month and came up with these lovely buns with pink pearl sugar on top. So cute!

Amigo café in SLU preparing for the KanellBullens dag!
Couldn’t resist a freshly baked kanelbulle sprinkled with pink pärlsocker

Now you know, next 4th of October, embrace this Swedish tradition and have some delicious cinnamon buns!

Have a nice day!



  1. I am motivated by your recent posts to apply for the M. Sc Animal science programme in SLU. In this regard I crave your indulgence to guide me through the processes required to get admitted into this noble department. I am Ochiagu, Azubuike Cletus, a graduate of Animal science from Nigeria. Thanks as I anticipate your responses.

    1. Hello!

      It makes me immensely happy to hear that you got inspired are now considering joining the SLU’s masters program in Animal Science! Of course I would be happy to give you as much information as possible. Maybe I will even write a blog about it so I can go more in depth! Tell me if you would like that.

      Hoping to hear from you soon!

      Best regards,

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