Fettisdagen equals Semla

Fettisdagen, also known as Fat Tuesday, is the Swedish name given to the day preceding Ashes Wednesday. This day is the equivalent of Pancake Day or Carnival, and according to tradition, this is the last day that people is allowed to eat delicious food and have crazy fun before starting Lenten fast.

Although most of Swedish people aren’t religious, and therefore don’t participate in Lenten fast, the tradition of enjoying good food and creamy pastries before Ashes Wednesday remains.

The most iconic treat for fettisdagen is the semla, which is a cardamom-spiced soft bun cut in half, filled with almond paste and whip cream, and dusted with powder sugar on top. You can find this pastry almost anywhere between February and March, and it’s so popular, that some stores have started getting quite creative and adding some flavour twists to the original recipe.

A traditional semla plate!

Recently I found a croissant version of the semla, which is basically a traditional semla, but with a croissant bun instead. I fell in love with it at first bite! You can also find semlor with Nutella whip cream, vanilla whip cream, nuts, lactose free, and even vegan!

My favorite! The croissant semla!
Traditional semla vs Crobunsemla

If you have the opportunity, please don’t miss in this iconic pastry!


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