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So, this is the second post where I try to lay out the things I like the most about SLU Alnarp. In the first post i described the people and the campus surroundings as some of the best things to experience if you’re visiting or studying here. But there are of course others.

The Diversity

Personally, I’ve always enjoyed the diversity in Alnarp, and by that I mean, diversity in the broadest sense, like the diversity of people, coming from all walks of life, from different parts of Sweden, or even from different countries. But the park features its set of diversity too. For instance, did you know that Alnarp boasts the second largest collection of different varieties of trees and shrubs in Sweden? Or even, Sweden’s largest collection of horticultural literature? Another cool thing about the place is the sheer amount (and diversity) of activities. Not only is the park used by joggers, bicyclists, schools on excursions, it’s also a travel destination among elder people, who during the summer, can be spotted in the annual and perennial horticultural gardens, looking and smelling the hundreds of amazing plants on show there (which are also used by students learning said plants appearance and names). Meanwhile, just across the road, hundreds of scientists come to work every day, working with everything from forestry to outdoor or indoor horticulture, be it in the horticultural laboratory or in the recently built Biotron. Others delve deep into the science behind animal husbandry, while some scientists are dead set on finding breakthroughs in medicine, such as creating synthetic blood out of plants. On the other side of campus, landscape architecture students can be spotted in the hallways of AlnarpsgĂ„rden, fiddling away with projects, or blocking people from coming through, either by creating project installations filling the full width of the hallway, or by presenting their projects to their examiners. Take a 10 minute walk towards the bus stop, and you’ll find the rehabilitation center, where scientists explore how nature and gardens affects people’s health, while at the same time, rehabilitating people who have gone through different traumas. This diversity is staggering, and it’s incredible to learn how diverse all of these activities are. Alnarp isn’t just a “horticultural school” as many people seem to think. It’s a university, an area full of businesses working within the life sciences or “green” industry, as well as an oasis for people who want to escape the stress of the big cities surrounding it. It’s a lovable place.. a place I’ll always see as a home away from home.

I could probably continue with this list in my last blog posts, but I think these are actually the most important things to bring up an discuss. People and place, and how those two interact in many diverse ways – that’s what makes SLU and Alnarp a magical place on earth, period.

In my next, and second last post, I’ll delve deeper into the Agroecology program and try to summarize what I’ve learned and liked the most, before I bid you all farewell in my very last entry. See you soon again!

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