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Yesterday was the final day of the course Scientific Methods, Tools and Thesis Writing. On Monday, our class has two options to choose from: to either do Project Based Research Training, or to read Environmental Issues in Crop Production. Two of us have chosen to learn about research, whereas the rest (4?) will go with the latter option. Some people will also be leaving the country to prepare for their theses – once again marking a split, with the core group becoming even smaller…

So yesterday was sort of a good bye for some. But that’s the way it is, especially when you study with so many international students – and only for 1-2 years.

I’m not going to mope. I’m just a nostalgic person who has a hard time letting go of the people I’ve become attached to. Damn good people!

But this “end” also marks the beginning of something new. Something challenging and personal. In the next course I’ll be researching Kernza, a perennial crop with a tremendous potential for feeding the world in the future. So will it? How good is it actually, and in practice? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. But I’m equally fascinated and scared.

Looking forward to writing more about this in the coming months. Stay tuned! J

Have a great weekend!

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