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Yesterday we presented how far we’ve come on our thesis work, presentations that perhaps should have involved powerpoints, but because of a mishap in communications between teacher and students, instead led to short presentations, held in a small group in ┬áseated positions. Much less presentation-ish, but still, we got to present and discuss our work in a productive, but less formal fashion.

As I might have noted in my last post, not everyone knows what their actual masters’ thesis will be about yet. The period when we’ll start writing is still 2-3 months away. But if you know your topic already, this course is excellent. It gives you a really good head start in learning what research has been done in your area – and it also gives you time to really ponder what methods you’ll use in your thesis.┬áBut if you’re at least fairly sure of, in what area you want to do research, its still useful. I don’t know what I’ll do for my master’s. I just know that I’m extremely fascinated by perennial crops at the moment (which I’m also researching for the course I’m undertaking now). So perhaps it will be something related to this?

My next course is called Project Based Research Training, and it involves,as the name implies, being trained in research by a group of researchers – and you know what? I’ve actually found a team working with Kernza to join!

You know what this means? Well, for one, I’ll get to test my fascination for the subject in a trial of fire. But I’ll probably also have more interesting posts to write here. (I’ll stick with probably, because you never know ;)).

But I’m hopeful!


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