Previous week

Oh, previous week was full of excursions, so there was no time to write! As a part of Applied Environmental Assessment, we had a week of field work, starting with vegetation at campus and finishing in somewhere 40 km north of Uppsala.

We had 4 days full of work. On the first one we went behind SLU to make transects and determine the vegetation cover in the forest. Second day was in Håga, where we determined the discharge in the river and focused on different methods how to measure water velocity. Third day was in the other end of Uppsala, lake Ekoln. We took the boat and measured temperature and oxygen concentration in the water column. We also took sediments from the deepest part of the lake. Last day was about soil sampling and measuring the organic content in the soil. 

We divided us into the special groups that will present one topic from the specific day of the field week, for example, vegetation, discharge or water chemistry.


Healthy lifestyle

It’s getting warmer everyday in Uppsala, so more and more people are going outside! Swedes are crazy when it comes to sports. They exercise all the time regardless the weather– heavy rain, snow storm, -20 degrees, extreme hot summer (no, just kidding). Most of the people in Uppsala use bike as a transport method and I count it as sport activity (I mean it’s 7 km from my apartment to the university, which gives us 14 km both ways every day!) but that’s not enough for Swedes.

Having a baby? But have you ever heard about bike child trailers? No? Well, you will see them everywhere in Uppsala. If you don’t have professional clothing don’t worry, there are several sport shops in the city centre (actually when I think about it there’s a lot of them).

Forget about slow walk through the park, do the POWER WALK!


Well, last week was quite busy. Valborg celebration and a lot of essays to write. At the same time this is my last month in Sweden before summer!

Summer is approaching “slowly” (this week is really warm here, I would say like normal summer 20-25 degrees in the sun!), so you can just imagine how hard it is to stay in school or room and study when it is so beautiful outside! (and the fact that the new Game Of Thrones season is up!)

The good thing about SLU is that there are only 2 courses during second period of this semester. Next week I’m starting “excursion week” – extremely excited. As a part of the Applied Environmental Assessment course we are going to sample Lake Ekoln, forest and check the flow in the river

Is winter back (again)?

Well, there are probably some quotes about April and how it is a mix of spring and winter, but apparently now it’s more winter than spring in Uppsala.

It has been snowing (and hailing) for 5 days now. Of course it’s too warm for snow to stay longer, but still… too cold to wear spring jacket.

In the morning you leave for SLU in winter jacket, hat, scarf and gloves, but you coming back in your sweater and sunglasses #swedishspring.


Cherry blossom day

On April 16, 2016, Stockholm celebrated Cherry Blossom Day, which is a festival organized in partnership with the Japanese government.

In Sweden (or should I say Stockholm) the cherry blossoms are expected to peak between mid to late April. The blooming season is only  around 10 days, so you need to hurry if you really want to see them (I missed them once).  Everyone should come to Kungsträdgården (the King’s Garden), which is one of the city’s most popular parks. The entire park is covered with pink flowers!


Long break

Well my previous (march) post was so long time ago due to a long break at SLU. We finished the first period on 22nd of March and had only 2 days of class before Easter. The next courses started this week, which gave me almost two weeks of free time!

The courses I’m taking now:

  1. Biogeochemistry – element cycles and climate change
  2. Applied Environmental Assessment