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The last post of my first blog

All good things come to an end, and this post indeed marks the end of this blog.

Blogging at SLU was a very nice experience  in which I was able to share what I enjoy doing with a lot of people. It has been very gratifying to read comments on my posts and realize that people are actually interested on the topics I write here, and for that I want to thank every single person that took the time to follow me.

I have to accept that it was difficult to keep up a constant writing rhythm, specially towards the end of my studies, when I was under a lot of stress due to several deadlines including my thesis and job applications. But in all, writing here was enjoyable and challenging. What else could you ask for in a hobby?

My time as a master student also came to on end. I defended my thesis and received my degree. Also got a PhD position on a very exciting topic! …Actually the PhD position will be also at SLU which means that I will continue my adventure in Uppsala.

This post is entitled “the last post of my first blog” because I want to keep blogging. However I am not sure about what direction I want my writing to take next. But you will for sure hear about me soon!