University ranking season

A few months of 2017 have gone by and university ranking season has started. This week, SLU was placed in the top 10 on 2 different rankings which is not a surprise, because to my opinion it has been doing a very good at both research and education.

In 2017’s QS ranking by subject,  SLU  ranked 4th in  Forestry and Agriculture behind Wageningen, UC Davis and Cornell. I think this quite remarkable and of course makes me feel proud of studying at it.

SLU makes top five in Agriculture and Forestry.


Additionally, Times Higher Education (THE) released 2017’s top small universities, in which SLU ranked 9th. As part of the release I was asked to write a small piece to be published at THE website, which makes me even prouder!

The post I got published at THE.

You can read my post at THE here:



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