Student housing is apparently not enough in Uppsala. Therefore, most of students struggle to find a place to live in  (you might like to read Accommodation in Uppsala). I have had guaranteed housing during my studies for being a non-EU citizen at [what I consider] the best location offered by SLU’s housing office: Rackarbergsgatan. This month I am moving out and couldn’t leave without writing a post about it.


This is honestly what I like the most about Rackarberget. It is embedded in a superb location: close to city center, shops, supermarkets, Uppsala University Library (Carolina Rediviva) and of course student nations, where most of social student life takes place.

Location of Rackarberget in Uppsala. Map from Google Maps.

The only place that might seem a little bit further away is SLU. But that has not been a problem for me, because the biking route is very nice. Plus, 12 km (6 km each way) of bicycling a day is good exercise 🙂

Flat layout

There are different types of apartments in Rackarberget and mine is particularly small. We are only 3 people living in a 3 rooms corridor. Bathroom and kitchen are shared. That’s it.

This makes it feel comfortable in a way, because is to small to be a dorm corridor, but it has no social areas to be a real flat. So it is basically just a student flat with everything what is needed smartly arranged.


The room 13 sqm, and furnished, what makes everything so much more easier for newly arrived students. It includes 2 lamps, a single bed, a desk, a desk chair an additional chair and some shelves on the wall. The closet is spacious and the room is quite bright albeit being in the second floor.


My contract signed in 2015 was for 3488 SEK every month. Apparently it changes between years and rooms, so this is not a rule. I think it is an OK price for a furnished room in a nice location.

The view from my window in Rackarberget

You’ll be missed, Rackarberget.





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    1. Hello! I am not sure, but I would think that it has +5 rooms, since it is one of the old buildings at Rackarberget. Cheers!

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