Intensive Study Program at Ghent University

As part of the European Plant Breeding College (read EPBC: European Plant Breeding College), I got the opportunity to join another intensive course similar to the one at LaSalle Beauvis in France ( read ISP in France: an overview). This course is about Hybrid Breeding and takes place in Ghent University in Belgium, which by the way is such a beautiful city!

Afternoon in Ghent. The hostel is on he picture hast a superb location!

I arrived earlier this week and have had different lectures covering topics such as chromosome engineering, polyploidy, reverse breeding and hybridization. To be honest I did not know that there were such advanced techniques to create new plant varieties. Like, I thought most of the technologies in plant breeding were just marker assisted selection or transformation techniques, but is interesting to know how many different biological alternatives there are to create new varieties.

As in France, students from different universities are attending the course. We are all staying at Upplink Hostel, which has a very good location a very cozy atmosphere. This makes the stay here very nice, because there are many different landmarks at walking distance and interesting people coming every day to the hostel. I have liked it very much so far.

Playing board games in the Hostel after lectures

The course lasts for two weeks and there are going to be many exiting thing coming along the next few days! I will definitely  write about it here 🙂



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