Monthly Archives: December 2016

M.Sc. degree project

Time has gone by incredibly fast and it is hard to believe that I already started  with my  degree project. It is considered the last part of the master and I see it indeed as a culmination of this process, because I can acknowledge and apply what I have learnt so far. It is a compulsory course  in the M.Sc. in Plant Biology and it is up to each student to decide how much time and credits it will take.Therefore, I decided to use 45 credits on it to spend more time doing  research than taking courses, because I think it will be more useful for me and my future career.

Before summer I did one research training (read more here) in which I explored possibilities at the Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology. Since I liked the experience and the research I performed there I decided to conitnue where I left for my master’s thesis project. So far it has been going smoothly and hopefully I will soon write more about it.




Bye bye November!

December I am glad you are here, because November was terrible. Terrible as in awfully dark and cold. Actually, I have heard more than one Swede saying that November is the worst month of the year. And I completely agree.

Indeed, I think that the transition from autumn to winter makes it cold enough to think twice before going out, dark enough to be tired all day and rainy enough to make biking inconvenient. Additionally, since it is not cold enough to turn rain into snow everything is grey and muddy outside. Interestingly, this year the snow record in a single day was broken in the Stockholm area (read Hello winter! ), which made everything cuter. However it melt away few days after and everything was grey again.

Altogether, this made my mood grey and ugly as the weather was. I guess I do not need to explain the low rate of posts publishing last month. Hehe. Luckily I have been coping  with it and feel much better now.

Until next time,