ISP in France: an overview.

So, the intensive course in France is finished (more here), and now I am back to Uppsala. I have to say that it was a good course, because I learnt many new things. Now, I am more knowledgeable about plant breeding, intelectual property  in plants, project management and agriculture in Europe. Actually, it was interesting to see the French countryside and realize how much of a leading country in agriculture France is.

As part of the course I got to visit GEVES (read more here), started a pilot breeding project together with students from other universities and met plant breeders who helped us to formulate the breeding project idea and told us what exactly a breeding company is looking for in a future plant breeder.

Part of the case project team working on Peanut Breeding. Sibel from Turkey, Bilal from Pakistan, Jorge form Spain, and myself.

In all, the lectures were very good and I personally believe that project management in  plant breeding is crucial to complement  my background education and research interest (molecular plant pathology). However the experience was outshone because of the poor organization of the course by the host university, which I hope will work on it for a next time.




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