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Housing in Uppsala is the biggest issue a student might face. There are several myths around, but I will share the one that I have been told is true: Last autumn a Finnish guy (who is friends with a friend of a friend), together with her German girlfriend had to sleep several weeks in a tent until they found a place to stay in. Crazy, but real. The problem is quite complex: International students from outside the EU (like me, hehe) and exchange students have guaranteed accommodation during their studies. However, master students from the EU (Including Swedish of course) have to find accommodation on their own. It is quite a struggle, because both universities (Uppsala University and SLU) grow in size, but housing facilities do not seem to grow at the same pace.

Nonetheless, there are some ways to find housing. The first one in signing in for the housing companies: Studentstaden and Heimstaden. IF YOU ARE READING THIS AND WILL STUDY IN UPPSALA GO AND SIGN IN NOW. For some rooms/flats these companies have queues, therefore the more days someone has been part of, the higher is the chance to get a room. Particularly, my Swedish flatmate applied when she was in highschool and did not know if one day she would come to Uppsala. Luckly she got admitted to SLU and found a place easily because of all the days she had been queuing. Secondly,  it is possible to become a member of a Nation (similar to sororities in the US, I should write a post about this later!). In this way is likely to find a room after 6 months of being a member…. Is still worth trying though! Finally, Facebook and Blocket: Here, people sublet rooms and flats and many of my friends  in Uppsala have found their places in this way. Also the earlier people start looking the easier they find housing. HOWEVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER (I really mean the bold) MAKE A DEAL WITH SOMEONE WHO ASK YOU TO TRANSFER MONEY ABROAD. Many students get scammed by mo*****kers who take advantage of the housing problem in Uppsala.

SLU has a website with much more information. Visit it here.

I’m already working on a post about the different student housing locations in Uppsala, so stay tuned!

Best of luck!


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  1. Hello once again Hernan
    Since the universities guarantee housing for international students outside the EU (I’m from Uganda btw), do I have to register in those housing companies that you have written above or does the university contact me regarding housing information or help me in anyway?

    Thanks for the post once again, I look forward to hearing from you soon till then have fun!

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