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Graduate courses in Sweden are usually two months long with a 100% time dedication. This is convenient because effort can be focused towards one specific topic . As mentioned in a previous post I’m taking now the Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions  course in Stockholm University, and just this week I started working in the lab project. I think having small research projects within courses is great, because it allows me to submerge myself into real research problems, learn new techniques, meet researchers and acquire more experience. In this case it is even better, because Stockholm University has given master students staff status, what results in access to a shared office, an exclusive lunch room and free coffee. Lots of free coffee.

P house in Stockholm University, where I will be working on the lab project . Picture by Hernán Capador. 

The first week of project has been very exiting, but also intense. Me and my lab partner chose to work with the molecular response of plants to aphids, what is new for me because I haven’t handled this organisms in my short experience as a scientist . Therefore, in just one week I have gone through several articles and reviews, made a presentation and written down a schedule in order to start next week to test hypothesis in the lab.

Experimental plan for next week. Tests will be performed on Arabidopsis thaliana leaves. Drawing by Hernán Capador.

I enjoy research and project planning, hence I’m glad I can learn and improve this skills during my master. Can’t wait to start lab work on monday :mrgreen: !

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