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In a previous post I mentioned that the MSc. in Plant Biology is collaborative, hence I can take courses in the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala University and Stockholm University. Right now I take the course Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions at Stockholm University, which has been great so far. Consequently, I have to travel every day to Stockholm, but is not a big deal because Uppsala is located just 60 km away from the capital.

Stockholm skyline from Stadshuset. Picutre by Hernán Capador
Stockholm skyline from Stadshuset. Picture by Hernán Capador

The fastest way to get to Stockholm from Uppsala is by Train. The route is covered by two companies: SJ owned by the state, and SL run by Stockholm County. The difference between these two train companies relies on number of stops, travel time and price. A SJ trains takes approximately 38 minutes from Uppsala Central Station to Stockholm Central Station, makes three stops and each trip costs 89 SEK (ca. 10 EUR), whereas SL trains take 55 minutes, makes several stops (Including Arlanda Airport) and costs 230 SEK (25 EUR) for a 24 hour period. Additionally, this ticket allows unlimited travels within the metro and bus system.

When it comes to a daily commute, the best option is to acquire the “UL/SL monthly pass”. Using this card it is possible to travel through all Uppsala and Stockholm County, including busses and trains within each city. It costs around 1000 SEK for students and it is convenient for me, especially during winter when weather is not always good to bike.

Uppsala – Stockholm University. Directions by Google Maps.

Then, how do I get every day to Stockholm University? I take usually bus line 22 at Kungsgärdets center which takes me to Uppsala Central Station in 10 minutes. There I take the commuter train 38, which takes me to Ulriksdal Station. Here I walk around 5 minutes and wait for the bus 540 that will finally take me to Stockholm University after 1.5 hours of travelling. Even though is a long commute I try to use time wisely to read or write blog posts 😀

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