The coldest I have ever been

Uppsala is located far north (59 latitudes away from tropical and very much missed Colombia) and it is said that winter is warmer than in other places equally distant from the equator. However, I recently realized that warmer winter in Sweden is a mere euphemism, because it will be still cold, very cold (I mean the bold).

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Last friday I had an examination early in the morning  and according to my phone  it was -20 °C outside. On top of it, winter brought me a terrible cold that barely let me study for the exam without sneezing. So, how to get to SLU? Biking was not an option, as I would have had to ride that cold piece of steel for at least 30 minutes with the freezing drizzle hitting on my face. Therefore, I took the bus, what implied walking 15 minutes at -20 to get to the bus stop -The coldest I have ever been.

Even though I put on many layers of clothing, and nice leather boots before hitting the road it was not enough, I was certainly freezing. I tried to walk as fast as possible to warm myself, minded every step and focused on my breath’s pace  to not think about my frozen toes, but still freezing.  I put my mind elsewhere, thought of myself in a little cabin near the Caribbean Coast in Colombia eating coconut-rice with fried bananas. Worthless, still freezing. Fortunately I got distracted by an absurd amount of snow pilled up,  which seemed to be strategically placed for people to  say: Damn it, it has been snowing a lot. And it has indeed.

Ridiculous amount of snow. Picture by Hernán Capador.
Ridiculous amount of snow. Picture by Hernán Capador.

After all, I am glad to say that I survived -20. Once I got in the bus, my classmates that were already inside welcomed me with a “Hej snowman!” – My face was frozen white.

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7 thoughts on “The coldest I have ever been

  1. No se imagina el (perdón el lenguaje) HIJO DE PUTA CALOR que está haciendo en Bogotá.

    Y eso es todo lo que venía a decir.

    1. Jajaja, sí es en mayúsculas y la palabra es tan fuerte, le creo. Igual, que envida. Un abrazo, gracias por comentar.

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