A Master of Science in Plant Biology

It is quite difficult to decide a topic for the very first blog post. However I guess that the most logical approach is to start with the basics: What am I doing  in Sweden?

I was admitted to the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU for its acronym in Swedish language) to study a 120 credits master program called “Plant Biology”. Because the program is held in an agriculture-focused university it explores topics in biology of plants from a production perspective and suits my previous education (read more about me). However, the genetic and molecular background is present throughout all course, which makes it a leading program, that prepares  students for the current and upcoming knowledge in plant sciences. Furthermore, SLU is among the the top 10 universities in agriculture worldwide, and is a wonderful place for plant studies.

The class in the green house. Photo by Jon Bancic ©.

The master program is collaborative, as it is organized by three outstanding Swedish universities: Uppsala University, Stockholm University and obviously, SLU. Therefore,  the students have to take at least one course at each university, which turns out to be awesome, as I will get to meet more people, more professors, more research groups, and in the end I will get more opportunities. 

I started it in September 2015, and will finish before summer 2017. So far I have no regrets. Coming to SLU to pursue my Master of Science was definitely the wisest choice I have ever made!

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11 thoughts on “A Master of Science in Plant Biology

    1. ¡Gracias! Un honor que lo hagas. “Laura en China” hace parte de mi inspiración, I must confess.

      ¡Abrazos virtuales!

  1. Hernán, I know my english is not so brilliant and smart as yours. But in my basic knowledge of language I want to congratulate you for your decision and experience you are living. Take care of you. And enjoy all you can. A person I knew before I traveled to Bogotá, Colombia in 2010 told me, some days before I left El Salvador, “take all people give you, it´s all good” it was a generic advice, but I understood it by the right side, and all it was ok.

    Thank you for share your experiences, my friend. Best regards,

    Mario M.

    1. Dear Mario, the person that said that to you is totally right! I am glad you shared that with me. Thank you for your compliments and you nice wishes!

      I hope everything is going well with you in El Salvador.



  2. Dear Hernan,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. My name is Rivan Rinaldi from Aceh-Indonesia, I am planning to continue my master degree in Genetic and molecular Plant Science at Uppsala university in. Currently I am applying for a scholarship from my government and one of the requirements is to submit the study plan which include the information of the courses and their credit hours. I am very glad to see some detail that you share since I couldn’t find much detail info on the website. Therefore, I would be very happy if you could share the details of the program especially about the courses and their credit hours.

    Thank you very much for your time^^

    Have a wonderful day

    Rivan (rivanrinaldi.z@gmail.com)

    1. Hello Rivan! I’m glad people are interested in the program and in my experience in general. Courses information you can find either in Uppsala University website or at SLU website as well. What I know is that a course with 100% time dedication for 8 weeks takes 15 credits. However, I strongly recommend you to email the program coordinator at Uppsala University for more information, I’m sure they will provide you what you need 🙂 . Good luck with your application!



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