System analysis for sustainable development 5 credits

This is the first course kick-starting the new semester, reminding people there is still some road left before summer. Be prepared to focus on how to manage up to four courses simultaneously this semester rather than how to manage each!

For the first time in the program the ones fond of natural science was really happy, especially the technically oriented engineers, besides economists from the social oriented arena. Looking back at mile stones such as Donella Meadows et al. and the Limits to growth, this course has much resemblance to what they were doing.

One is conducting theoretical lectures alongside compilations of computer exercises building various system models that for the untrained eye might look as mind maps. Computer programs such as Excel, Insight Maker or Arena were basic tools.

If one´s really fond of math this course will probably come with a shout in glee. If one can survive math the students still have a good time and ultimately if you are not good in math… well then you might prepare to be strong and keep fighting the tears^^.

Many sighs, much cursing and some joy blended together in the computer halls with a teacher pretty worn out after the four hour lectures, begging people to take breaks instead of pieces of him : )

Schedule 2015/16