SLU – Ultuna

For most students at SLU,  Ultuna is considered headquarters of the university where one can find the teachers for all the answers worth asking for. Me although that first landed at Alnarp campus in the county of Scania between the cities of Lund and Malmö feel that things might not be that simple.

If one is purely interested in the management of green enterprises and natural resource management such as forestry, fishing or agriculture and want to dive all the way down, one needs to steer the ship towards those campuses instead, such as Alnarp or Umeå.

Approaches at Ultuna (Uppsala) is a bit different and teachers are often oriented around the fringes (in my eyes) of the resource management including overarching parameters such as psychological impacts, system thinking etc. It doesn´t mean its impossible getting the same knowlegde from both sides of the coin, the qestion is rather where one want to start and how many years one want to spend learning about other perspectives later on.