A quick glance

No more studying in 2016. Soon there´s only future ahead. The time is ticking and I guess all over the world big cities are crowded with expectant inhabitants. Yes the next year should be filled with new possibilities and fresh starts.

New gadgets are presented in an ever increasing rate to help us save the world. Guess there has been a new threshold of purchases for Christmas gifts, again. New, more environmentally friendly cars are presented with various spices for making great deals that includes trashing the old car. Good for resource consumption footprints. The development for lasers has peaked in a rate than ever before to help us trash enemy air craft in seconds.

New promising economic developments that rings well with the possibility to consume ourselves into the life (we) so badly want is set to bring the Overshoot date even earlier to 2017. Our overcrowded cities will bring new possibilities for environmental progress for the global majority. Yes, everyone will cultivate their own food at the balcony while international companies are purchasing rights for ownership over everything that grows.

Yeah each new year with new promises feels very ensuring. It´s so good we have come into this development of righteousness for all living things making us so environmentally friendly. Buying plant based food from all over the world to the sound of increased deforestation or ethanol produced instead of needed staple foods in poor countries, while harassing our domestic farmers´ meat production when the real problem is slaughter. Green promises sometimes feel, well, so green.

Yes, I guess people will be even more environmentally friendly next year while cutting prices/environmental-steps during productions stages. So that we can reach the circular society in 2017.

So what are you going to add to the world in 2017 beyond your word? Here you have words. See where they lead. Tnx Bethesda for wise promises instead of empty words! Viewer discretion is advised!

Happy new year!