Yeah, I know; just as me, surely others have problems seeing the pictures?! After some research, the problem could be bypassed by gating into the site from the right source. Which in this case seems to be SLU:s page of gathered master student blogs.

Click on the link and chose the same blog from that source. Hoping for the time being that will work for others as well.

The plus here you can check out other programs as well represented by the bloggers 🙂

For more program blogs (in Swedish) at SLU click here.

I’m very sorry for any inconvenience. Not fun when stuff doesn´t work properly. Hope you enjoy the reading though. I´m trying to solve the problem. The main issue here is that there are multiple stakeholders since the university created the account.

Well I guess that´s the charm of things; they never turn out just as simple as one might like them too.