My own mind

When trying to get a picture of the education one should know these posts are colored by my perception. Opinions about courses, interests within them and goals for taking the program is very different depending on who one might ask within the class.

Most people having worked behind the desk many years in the class with social conflicts or such social matters from different parts of the world might think the program have hard times serving those with new stuff worth spending money to learn about.

I with a strong background in green enterprises and logistics is still learning about politics and social, likewise, international conflicts, but feel very over qualified when it comes to my main areas. Most classmates are not the least interested in green enterprises and soon losing focus. So again, what people get out of the program and what their interests and reasons to participate are, depend greatly from person to person.

A tip: if you want to go really really deep into one or a couple of subjects in school you might want to reconsider, since many in the class feel very over qualified with different things and less with other stuff.

This program is mainly in my opinion about creating a platform for various themes for learning how other disciplines think and act, which is something I already have learned lots from in this program.