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Last station

I accidently swamped for a time. Now I´m here again.

What has happened? I am still working on my thesis with an extended deadline. Since I struggle with this eyes thing, endeavors take more time for me. Here the other week many class mates came together again and presented their thesis. I can´t say more than that, because I don´t know more than that. I didn´t travel northward to see the presentations. I can only guess there is much relief right now. As the plans are now I will present after the summer in my own pace and own way. Keeping my fingers crossed here:)

I´ve also got a job since some weeks back at a plant nursery blended with a garden center. These guys have stood knee deep in the mud their whole life producing hundreds of thousands of plants each year. I learn a lot, not least about lost connections to old ways of sustaining our selves. I suffer lots of drawbacks about old ways of livelihoods and get some points made as well in discussions with these veterans.

As I felt during the internship at the farm I had forgot how much I lost from my life since the paper exercise began with lots of physical inactiveness in front of the screen while stretching skin. So I feel in relation to my lost trust in genuine science and eye problems that I probably will be one of those that deviate from a 100% scientifical path.

I guess that time will tell. Now I have a serious cold that keeps me in bed since a couple of days. The consequence is that I´m typing this in the middle of the night because I slept the whole day. Nothing new for me though when I´m in school.

The thought of getting passed this bottleneck of the Master level feels as a relief. I recall the narcissistic attitudes from people within this costume enterprise excluding me on the sole principle of being a shitty Bachelor. Right now I´m doing this more for personal development rather than for being credited. As with the issue of sustainability in science these days I feel that it´s time perhaps that the Romantic finally after competing 25 years on other people’s terms finally can develop his own way, with an open channel between.



With three days left to the research proposal deadline I found a primary supervisor, completing the trinity that is to propel the thesis. I can say that the course coordinator seemed very pleased with the news. I´m pleased to feel that this might still be possible. I´m also most thankful to my understanding course Coordinator which really tries her best to keep her ducklings in line. Without her understanding and help, this would have been close to impossible.

I´m also glad that the supervisor himself seems very encouraging, hoping that the little timeframe for corrections will be enough for me. My evaluator which I met first in line of current events seemed to recognize the implications with the interdisciplinary approach. Very humbly she as a professor, into the empiric field of focus, made a disclaimer about the sole clinical field of importance. It was better if someone more fit for the task was to lead this thesis representing a rather windling path of various scientific disciplines.

I myself have been alternating between completing agreements with various interlinking authorities, gluing some romantic will of survival into the game of staying with the head over the water surface. It´s here the importance of the course leader comes into the picture. With some last council in her office before the weekend, I´m off trying to complete a proposal for the deadline. Thank you Åsa!

Right now it´s mostly about the method of choice, which is mainly what the E-level thesis seems to be about: making a thought through proposal and train to follow that to the point.

With that being said I´m still struggling with the former landlord that went uncomfortably silent when I called their try to cut from my deposition with a bill I haven´t seen, with a well… visible bill! Right now I´m just trying to keep that situation static, to contain it while forcing the research proposal and possibility to get income into motion. If that works I guess one can force an end to this crap-relationship, hopefully without getting robbed. Ah, it really takes a lot of energy when sitting with the beard in the post box as some Swedes say.

I´m also trying to finish the last parts and deals about the internship course. I sent the last requested info to hopefully get the sought after insignia that I´ve formally been there. Today I sent in the final report and hoping to get the formalities concerning the supervisor into a completion.

So! This weekend will mostly, hopefully, be about the research method and some minor issues.

Well, that´s about it folks!



I´m sorry to say that I was unfortunate yet again with my accommodation. Now I´ve got a corridor apartment free from poison sticks, which has been the main dilemma before. But instead the ventilation doesn´t work. After coughing dust for three days I´m sleeping on peoples sofa´s for the time being. The farmer hosting my internship had although probably an accommodation for me at the farm.

So after a summer of one disaster after another I´m about to begin the internship tomorrow. Yey:) It was delayed owed to illness for a week. Wow, this is not a town to put demands on accommodations, that´s for sure. Haha incredible. I´m actually furious but can´t stop laughing it away when the tensions begin to fade. Another night at a hostel and then hopefully at the farm until Christmas brake.

The university has begun and the town has been in a high gear mode for some days now since the august warmth returned. There´s a lot of new faces running around in shining outfits here and there in the city. I also stumbled upon some programmers saying good bye to a couple of persons. Hehe no – I don´t spend any times with the others still;)

The thought of living on the countryside instead of the high intensity city feels very welcome. The farm is harvesting full time right now and will probably continue doing that for the next two weeks. I guess much will be about preparing the soil for the spring sowing after that.

Hehe it feels like I´m having a full time job doing nothing actually. Hopefully things will work out better from now on.

/that´s it folks!

The other side


Nine months ago I met the classmates for the first time. For almost a week ago I arrived at the Norredatorp cabins for the first time. There our ride ended. We were lucky with the weather all three days. It was sunny and bright every day – not a cloud on the sky. Just the still water of the lake along a green lawn where we sat, with the cabins at the hilltop beyond. Lots of time was spent sunbathing on the bridge as well.

There most of us spent the last days together as a class. The final Discourses course tasks were done during the first two days. One or two lost classmates since some courses back decided to show up as well. The second night there was a good bye party and lots of fun.

Now the first year is officially over but I´m still repeating for the resit. Feels good to think about having it all done. The last feedback cycle of “what about me” doesn’t concern me that much. As long as I pass the exam the year should be as good as finished. That would conclude my first journey in one of Sweden´s most student intensive cities.

I hope to be accepted at one of the internship positions I signed up for. Now I´ve spent five years at universities and there would be a relief to feel it has lead to something in the end.

I can also happily announce I got a summer job as well. Something I haven´t had much time for. After cancelling the opportunity at Landkvist´s Garden center the issue has stood still. One telephone call to Uppsala cemetery management and I was back in business again:) Nice to spend the summer outdoors in the sun. I know that a few of my fellow cultivation engineers from the bachelor ended up there full time.

My issues about our environment still go on. The last days there has been talk about water stress and shortages in Sweden. I have hard times seeing me as some kind of expert in sustainable issues as teachers urge us to. I although sincerely begin to wonder about taking a mic, book a lecture hall in Stockholm, making a good example by throwing out the darn laser pointer through the window in front of the audience and explain one thing or two about the deal with our surroundings to people in Sweden.

Well, the year is done! Some things one has to continue searching for. Meantime a man got to do what a man got to do: take on day at a time!

Hope you have enjoyed my blog. All the best!


Chilly ease – the last stop

Spring is turning into summer. The seasonal warmth is being replaced by chilly winds and changing of the tides. Students begin to feel their time here is coming to an end and the last weekends have been filled with one feast after another, in tries to squeeze the last out of the time left. While walking on sunny streets last weekend one could feel the pressure along the craving gazes. Expectation blended with collective iron will – it was spring ball. The night after, youths still laid dormant 🙂

Now the Interdisciplinary practice course is done. The last presentation of the cases was last Wednesday. Now there is one last step left until finish line 2015 – The cabin(s). There the final exercise in the Discourses course will be dealt with before the year is done. That will be the last time together for the remainders of classmates. Already a few has steered their ships homeward. It will be up to the lingering souls of Sustainable students to make the best of it.

I myself am contemplating about my time here in Uppsala. Just as I expected one have met more new faces of which the very most represents personal traits already experienced before. People are not so different wherever they are from. The ease in the heart have once again grew steadier – it doesn’t really matter that people are coming and going since the last ones are always replaced by new ones, taking over the same traits. Perhaps the quality about them is increasing for every time – so why bother regretting or let ghosts of people take the best of you since the next ones will only bring more quality with them. Better focus on the positive memories and possibilities, until next time.

With the Interdisciplinary course done, the evil math behind me and the promise of a decent accommodation early in June I lean back in the chair with the hand over the shoulder, saying Good work Erik! You have done well!  I really feel that I have – once again. The resit date is on the 8th of June which hopefully will be the very end of this study year. My time here in Uppsala was to be devoted purely to studies and so it has been.

Now I´m mostly waiting answers from SIDA via FUF about Internship during the next semester. The more I think of the issue the more I begin to feel that FUF understood better than me, being first surprised by their choice, where my competence really would be needed. First after FUF linked me to their recommendation of own accord FUF passed me through the first selection cycle of the positions I found myself. I really do believe the administrators at the organization saw between the lines what I really was asking for without knowing it myself 🙂 Still I haven´t heard anything from SIDA since they took over but I´m waiting.

So… while spring progresses into the summer´s first period of chilly rains and coming events of good byes I´m surprised over the warmth in my chest, having figured out one or two things about life.

/See you at the other side^^ next time

Final pressure

Once again some too many days squeezed themselves between the glimpses in the palantír. I hope you haven’t waited too long. The first year is approaching its end and so is the remaining stamina. That´s the reason for my late blogging. Will try comensating by writing a little more instead^^.

A few days has passed since the awaited, by many students, Walpurgis evening; or in Swedish: Valborgsmässoafton – the great folk fest of the year in Uppsala. Yesterday I mostly spent listening to students about how wasted they were since. Local news papers declared it a new record – 100 000 people celebrated Valborg in Uppsala. While most students held strictly to parks and events in thousands during the day, I did my best to avoid the most intensive parts. When the fires were lit during the evening many students joined in front of the big fire at Old Uppsala hill, before returning back for the awaited night parties at the so called Nations. Myself joined a less intensive fire cozying among young families, while watching the flames tell  its story about fates and legends long gone.

Valborg fire

Concerning school I begin to feel how much the evil math did wear on me. Regrettably I´m also having a one-way communication with the course leader in question, making me stumble in the dark about the resit date, fearing I missed it… which´s feeding the growing dislike for the course even more. Just draining energy!

I begin to wonder about prospects of completing this year in time – a concern that has kept lurking in my mind since the analysis course. Right now it´s mostly about keeping the calm and take one thing first.

Actually, I´m about to send in my home exam in the Interdisciplinary practice course this night. After sacrificing almost the whole course owed to the evil math, I feel thankful the teachers saw to it that, one way or another, we [will] read literature. Earlier experiences forced them to make it mandatory since many earlier students skipped classes for various reasons. The task was based on literature spanning social fields – a trait of the whole course. It has not been my favorite course but still one of the most important.

The Case study goes on but has changed course a few times. We natural science oriented students gave way to socially oriented ones to dynamically change the approach for the method to fit with expected analyses. This was something I have been told never to do as natural science student. This makes it interesting for me that want to incorporate other´s competence. We are on our way and much has happened the last two days.

The discourses course goes on but I´m having serious trouble keeping pace. There are articles now and then to be analyzed, while we are having a rather intensive feedback exchange within small groups of the What about me book presented before. That´s going to be my next endeavor alongside the case study when the home exam is concluded.

/Until next time


The spring has come to Uppsala. Yesterday I saw the Sallow´s flowers beginning to emerge. Genuine warmth is finally here. Going alongside the shoreline in Uppsala one can see migrating birds gathering in the low lands.

This week has been spent reading the Slow Violence book for the CEMUS course lecture next Friday. A real change since the evil math course feeling undertaken tasks are completed. I´m still waiting for answers from the Environmental assessment course.

The plan right now is to continue searching internships. Hehe feels as if one hasn´t had any life from the period of four courses simultaneously. One has time to take a breather between tasks. Four courses were too much. Regrettably I have to engage in the leftovers from the evil math tasks that are growling in the deep recesses of my mind. Sigh… Well a man got to do what a man got to do. Sort of.
Alnarp Park Dam

Meanwhile I´m thinking back at the years in the Alnarp Park during my bachelor, remembering old clearings within the green spaces of color.