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First off; concerning school I´ve made some major breakthrough the last weeks. Ah I love my beautiful eyes that manage so strongly to function. Oh I just love them.

Here the other day I was as agreed with the course coordinator to the eye doctor again. Very reluctantly I can say. Today I´m thinking back at the discussion with the eye doctor with his candidates between, turning their heads between each argument back and forth.

Here you have some good thoughts from other sources concerning threat assessments about lasers. Some of the points there are not agreeing with mine. I although believe no matters who are right or not that it serves as a good platform for getting into the discussion for those interested.

Now I´ve visited three cities’ eye doctors in Sweden. Just as before I can with lots of doubt just conclude what has been concluded before. Firstly the patient´s perception doesn´t matter for them. It´s always some other explanation for eye problems caused by lasers. More than for me that is.

Also their update about deregulations of lasers hasn´t kicked in. Still believes that one can´t get ones hands on dangerous lasers in our society… That one has to go to Asia to buy those. Still I can order anyone I want from Swedish companies that doesn´t even bother to check for licenses.

That´s two bummers for our white coats so far. The third is the unwillingness to meet arguments scientifically. There´s just a more firm tone to conform that the other one is wrong, as if that would increase how the same argument holds up… It´s so sad actually.

I as part of the academy searching for a sustainable use of lasers am completely invisible in the patient room. That´s if anything is not sustainable. Preferably eye doctors also should consider, as I mentioned to him, patients’ subjective perception instead of being 100% objective.

Now we´re also landing in the plain discussion of how healthy it has been for science to get ripped of subjective traits. Is it really an entirely good thing? We have been touching that subject multiple times in class during the first year.

I´m mean; what can I say. I can´t say the doctor did wrong by checking my eyes, finding no visual deviation. Especially since I have begun avoiding the retina scan owed to insane hyper sensitivity. Very neat although that the candidates managed to subject my eyes for what I believe was a AF ttl laser through the fancy camera they had coupled to their tools.

One stress after another. Will this laser nightmare ever end? Even in the patient room. Come on!

That´s that folks!


While spending every other day freezing owed to the erratic weather changes the thesis is slowly progressing ahead. Typical for April. I begin to get the feeling for this poultry thing now and a few headlines have been proposed in my doc. Even though we studied some agricultural production we only touched onto animal husbandry. So it´s very interesting to study something one hasn´t really delved deeper into before.

I watched some of the installation presentations by the new professors at SLU today at the web. Safely away from the laser pointers they were openly wrestling to master. Yes, I don´t stand for this irresponsible usage in the class rooms. Grownups should know better!

Here you have the link to the presentations. Perhaps they will contain subtitles in the future. As of now they are all in Swedish. Sorry I see they have moved it. If you find it faster than me on the homepage, knock yourselves out:) Regrettably recordings seem to be held by different institutions, so they are spread all over.

Anyhow it was much oriented around animal science with a lot of information ranging from animal husbandry to human consumption patterns and relation to food. Some had quite interesting presentations, both as such but also since I had hard times agreeing about approaches to food safety.

For example one of the professors started with presenting this old food gap set by FAO to 70% in the future, so many years ago. I remember I used it in my thesis as well at the time. I think it´s too bad many pinpointed changes in food consumption and a demand for willingness to pay for what the production cost, as alternatives to press the efficiency in the production. Isn´t a change in our behavior the number 1 most important change in the whole list?

AF lasers

So we meet again! Had the feeling:) Welcome back in that case!

I have included some new information concerning laser development in the society. This time I´ve focused on low effect output camera AF-lasers by diving into various forms of literature in the issue and communication with technical authorities at many famous camera developing companies.

Follow this link on Google and click the picture option to see what you are getting in your eyes. Observe that you can´t see this wavelengh when it´s IR. SO BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO STARE FOR THE SOURCE OF THE LASER CLUSTERS. NEVER STARE INTO A LASER SOURCE – EVER!!

Just got another hit in my eyes by a teenage girl hunting a photo to post on some internet forum I guess. Of course everybody was to know about what she was putting into the stomach there at the Café. So after getting another taste of lasers in my eyes, they are rather sour now. Not much happens in front of the screen right now. Lots of pain in my poor eyes back and forth. All these f¤”k#ng lasers!

So after some hours in front of the screen chasing technical info sheets about where, when, how and why lasers have been installed in every other new mobile phone autofocus camera system, I did a spree around some towns in the region asking retailers if they knew.

100 percent of the interviewed persons had no freak´n idea about that people are getting sprayed with cl. 2 laser clusters every other time a mobile phone user takes a picture today. As usual I had to educate them about everything that has to do with wavelengths, colors and risk assessments before even beginning getting some questions about lasers.

I also sat in the phone for hours and installed aliases for mailing various camera developers: Nikon, Canon etc. Of course they had no idea about what their own products included in terms of hazardous radiation sources. After serving the technical so called experts at each of those companies with everything they needed to know to tell me what cameras that used active autofocus including laser systems, they of course were not allowed to answer. Hahahahaha. Of course they don´t want to lift the question at an authoritarian level in these companies. As long as people don´t asking any questions – why come clean?

So my hunt for information about camera models without the AF-lasers continues in uphill. Any other person than me that has felt the eyes cramping when some new mobile phone goes “click” in front of you? Can promise you that it is not funny!



Since I finished my internship the time has just flown by. It seems as my life goes in hyper speed. The days are flashing by in front of my eyes. Oh, wow. Perhaps says something about my internship. Last week I did the presentation together with some others from my class. It was a rather nice occasion with very plain presentations. Not much demand for a certain code or anything.

Here the other day the remaining submissions from the course were marked with the approval stamp. A relief about the understandings concerning my circumstances. The supervisor was although surprised by the hehe… kind of positive report. Guess the rule from my 20 years in the work sector came into the picture in the last second – never, ever talk down about a former employer, EVER! That might cost you the next job, no matter the circumstances.

I´ve at least blown the whistle and the university is free to take precautions about the internship in the future. Just a couple of days after the approval of my submissions, I passed the course. So now it´s only the last 25 % left of the program. The thesis!

That´s although my problem. The eyes have been healing for a month now and nothing much has been happening. A few days after the incident it looked as if I had received a fist in the eye. Red emerging blood vessels everywhere. So the thesis has stood still since I rushed the registration. Now my eyes has stopped aching during nights, but I can feel while I´m writing this that they are making their current health status reminded. Pain!

Sh#t. I really don´t know what to do about it. The eye doctors wont do anything. They have abandoned us, continue defending the introduction of lasers in society.

I plan to lay low and hope I figure out a way around the problem. I´m afraid this means the end of the service sector. After cheating destiny time after time I seem to have received the final blow to the eyes. These new led and laser diodes in bicycle lights, tools and more… are killing my eyes, literarily. This time, a five year old that found it lying on the kitchen table.

Well. One day at a time. First on the bucket list for now: try finish this Master. One day at a time…

/signing out


Hi again!

The Christmas holiday is still rolling. Well, right now most people are asleep though, but still one more day. That means more sleep over hehe! Yeah, the gift trading day came and went as planned. I couldn´t see anything out of the ordinary on the news anyhow. I although invited the twins for the annual hour of Christmas cartoon clips at TV in my room and was surprised that neither France nor Luxemburg had this piece of beauty. Hehe guess it goes for others as well. Still sit there fixed following the same Disney classics as usual:)

When considering my family home at my mothers’ I’ve really been fortunate during Christmas, since there has been some kind of magic about it. Can´t say I´ve been that happy about situations all the time otherwise, but Christmas was always the day when things just seemed to work. Enchanted nights in the cozy living room illuminated by the lamps in the tree, creating shadows of warmth and color around people.

Spending Christmas alone as I tend to do come rather easy for me. With a quite reduced buffet I spent the evening watching Starcraft matches online and ended with some episodes of Sunes Jul. Hilarious:) The second thing I mean, the first is more awsome^^

Although, Christmas is a tough time for many people. One should not forget that many tend to cry themselves to sleep in loneliness, sobbing over the food. Others tend to have this glorious time for reflection destroyed by alcohol, that beside being rather annoying can drive people out of their homes. Not everyone has as easy calebrating alone as me, for example. I understand their pain but would recommend those to rather take use this occasion instead.

Yeah, Christmas tend to mean very different things for people. When celebrating with others I can just recommend blending the alcohol with the fire wood, there it has a more constructive use. That tend to solve many problems – I´ve heard.

So – about the formalities! The internship is nearing its end, manifested by questions from my supervisor about final reports concerning my internship. Someone seems to be reminded about the fact that now others are about to get insight about my time here^^. Yeah it´s a relief to go on! I can say that right away.

Concerning the thesis that has been greatly suffering from the nature of the internship has got another course correction again. There´s no time to get into the field of slaughter with, well so little time. So with a rather serious deadline coming up I don´t have much choice than changing game field… again. I´m going back to laser! Not really what I had in mind and it´s not the smoothest way of approaching these issues for me. I´ve been pondering this option during Christmas and feel I haven’t much choice.

One begins to wonder if there is some kind of meaning for certain things to happen:) Or is that connection more up to the ability to make use of the situations, one person from another. Well I can only hope there´s some reason. There are after all many persons that needs to be represented and one day hopefully helped. If I could get what I wanted out of it I would get class 2 under license demand as well.

I´ve not decided what to dive into; principle of caution; scrutinizing current standing models of danger assessments; getting more selections of data into scientific manageable game fields etc. What I know is that I´ve at least a fair chance to send some basic research proposal for the deadline. With or without a supervisor^^

By the way, have you heard that Chris Metzen quit? Feel a bit sad about it since he brought me so much joy during many years.



While number of courses have declined I´m having more time to other pressing issues. One of the most troublesome is the incredibly vague and sloppy attitude in which eye doctors and agencies manage laser issues. This social sustainability problem is of very high concern. Many people don´t believe their ears when I tell horrific stories about how suffering people with laser induced eye problems are met by eye doctors.

Many have their lives destroyed. Some have waited many years for help while eye doctors continue making fun of them, leaving them to their fate, unable to use their eyes owed to e.g. extreme light hypersensitivity. Still when I´m contacting eye doctors they cannot follow scientific discussions connected to the matter, leaving the question: how can this be allowed in a country such as Sweden, having the best eye hospital in Europe?

I´ve spent last days calling leading authorities in Sweden. Just like last time doctors are trying to solve world’s problems on their own, disregarding their obligation to include other scientists clinical results, avoiding to check those even in regard to their profession. Now it also becomes an scientific ethical question linked to eye doctors.

Socially oriented scientists would surely raise great amounts of critic if this vane attitude would be manifested within their ranks, disregarding or denying important discourses.

One of the greatest debates I´m having is low effect lasers since those who ought to know better relentlessly renders class 2 as completely safe. If laser issues takes time to engage in, then class 2 takes the price because one needs to know the history of the classes. When they were developed scientists during the 60s and 70s did [not] render class 2 as safe. Far from it. Still that groundbreaking In Vivo research is actively neglected without reason.Laser safety class 2.

Still I´m having these debates with eye doctors every time in contact  with them. Always the same vane answer: “I don´t care what you say, I will not listen to you and I will not do any reading”. Meanwhile people are suffering.

Anyone having doubts about cl. 2 laser safety? Take a look at the link for cl. 2 warning labels.


The laser generation


Yeah I know. I swamped with the completion of the first two courses in line. I also read about our problematic laser-society. Hoping the interruption can be justified since the laser issue is acute. I will try to compensate for my delay, focusing on eye injuries.

My assessment of the Norra Länken is hopefully done. It´s in the hands of my supervisor. Mobility was favored over long term sustainability hoping technology would save us. It was an effort to increase traffic pressure and lead emissions away to someone else, with some hot spots within the city still. There could be acute problems for hypersensitive persons in tunnels.

Regrettably I went ill for the evil math test. Am on my knees unable deciding if it was bad actually. Will take the next test.

Soo.. Laser. To focus radiation a certain direction as a tool, also responsible for lot´s of suffering, partly via eye damages. Even if it has existed since the 1960s and became hype manifested via movies such as Star Wars or Star Trek, until people finally learned it was not a toy, our generation has started all over again – unlearning their lesson. It was developed by military endeavors partly to drop LGBs by USA. Anyone played Starcraft? “Someone called for an exterminator!”. Same principle. The laser was developed to a societal planning tool, partly as rotating lasers, or distance mapping where it’s essential. I´ve worked with them myself. It´s as best a working tool that shall not belong to individuals! The last ten years since the older generation have begun to lay down their guard, laser companies work in the dark, forcing lasers into civil societies. Irradiation agencies are warning that laws and regulation hasn´t been able to protect our generation resulting in lots of injuries and grey areas when it comes to damages. If you get hurt – no one can help you! Almost no eye doctor in Sweden have done their homework making the issue a nightmare for the ones hurt, even with detectible damages in tissues = anomalies.

After spreading to stores, offices, laser shows, warehouses, eye surgeries etc. BMW and Audi began using high effect lasers as headlights. Cl. 4 – the highest class. There´s no upper limit in this one but uses are partly for cutting metal or eye surgeries. I myself was struck in my eyes by laser headlights at night and I´ve still pain in my eyes. To use amplified radiation in traffic in this sense is madness. It seems as if the phosphors layer only breaking the precision from the laser like a prism and creating wider nanometer scale; thereby white light from the blue nm scale, while absorbing a few photons, sure… BMW and Audi. While people has reported problems with the LED diodes for being too strong for their eyes, now BMV and Audi are bragging that these cl. 4 460-500 nm (blue) lasers generate over 1000 times the effects than LED diodes.

I´m sure many people will suffer and I will never forget this betrayal by BMW and Audi. This begun as another sale trick to vane people risking other persons’s eyes. Since there is a demand they now presenting this as if we in society have an obligation to use their lasers in headlights too.. as in everything else, if laser producing companies have it their way. I´ve been in contact with multiple retailers and producers of laser myself, asking the question why they don´t even demand license before selling even cl. 3 & 4 hand lasers to unauthorized people. The answer as according to so many others I´ve spoke to: Nothing! Not a word!

On photos the guy that developed both LED- and 460-500 nm laser (blue) radiation sources wear anti-laser absorbing lenses in his lab. Even though the precision of course isn´t that acute via the headlights, the situation is not that comforting for those without anti laser protection. Laser don´t belong with individuals BMW and Audi!

This could perhaps very well be dangerous for the traffic safety also. For those who are unsure, be assured the developers have programmed the headlights to avert the front and blinding everyone else along the roads instead.

I believe laser is going to be the post industrialized problem of this generation. A scientist I spoke with at KTH in Stockholm a very well regarded technically oriented university, said that: I believe that when enough people’s lives have been destroyed, lasers are going to be re-regulated again, but not before.

No – wavelength has very little to do with classes or damage; one can get just as strong output effect from a 530 nm laser as a 680 nm = the “color” doesn´t matter that much.

Problems reported from cl. 2 lasers:

Light sensitivity –  can´t be outside in worst case = not much of a life. Same for cl. 3 & 4.
Bright spot or area in your vision when trying to sleep. E.g. a red spot = very disturbing.
Reduced vision
Irritated eyes, red, tearing.
Hard to focus longer periods in front of a computer screen or tv.

Can be found: Barcode scanners, AF laser to mobile phones, presentation pointers.

Problems reported from  cl. 3.

Blindness, Retina detachment, Detectible bleedings in eye tissue.
Destroyed detail vision forever = e.g. can see periphery but can´t read text.
Chronic vision loss in parts of ones visual field.

Can be found, Strong pointers/scanners, laser shows, other adapted lasers.

Problems reported by cl. 4.
Total coagulation of eye tissues = ruined/burnout.
Cornea haze.

Plus many mentioned above.

Can be found
Extremely strong lasers such as rust removals, pointers, add ons, surgical fat reduction lasers, epidermal surgical lasers, metal cutting, and military targeting systems.

/Until next time


Sightings of coming spring are in the air and stirrings of people have begun to increase. Class mates are in this slightly notable high gear mode and one can feel that something about our world is changing. Just like every year.

It feels terrific to think of what lies on other side of the last evil math lecture. Still I´ve failed completing this evil plan. Right now I´m trying to focus on getting the lecture done. On the side the Norra Länken thing is to be concluded within a week. The rest have to wait.

Speaking of light, thoughts about my strive combating increasing laser problems in societies have begun occupying my mind again. Here the other day I was struck in my eyes by these new car laser-headlights in the dark – just another exposure in a long line from various laser products, e.g. laser scanners (Bar code scanners) or presentation pointers, that have made my own and so many others lives incredibly complicated.

Many in contact with eye doctors have been sold out and discredited. For a couple of years I sat in phone and by mail with scientist, eye doctors, institutions, retailers of laser safety equipment etc. from countries as US, UK, Sweden and Germany. Some conversations more comfortable than others while the medical and physiological debate raged back and forth. Soon I became one of the most educated persons in entire Sweden about documented damages alongside physiological discussions – eye doctors included. The latter regrettably continues to dodge both their homework and role in this mess.

So while school demands much of my time I´m swamped in an inner struggle whether I have energy left to raise the laser issue again in relation to social responsibilities.

/Until next time