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Wicked repetition

Yesterday the last of the internship course was done. We ended with some last presentation from internships. The spell bound audience was other students. As it looks now I should have concluded about 75 percent of the Master program. Regrettably the last light in my eyes with the very strong lamp has begun to take the best of me. Just like during the Bachelor thesis some higher power or something decided to drop down on me again like a splinter in my eye. Literaly.

Just now I´m in some emergency-panic mode. Mostly wondering how I´m going to do this. Feel stunned most of the time. If it can be done at all. These new toys including lasers are really killing my eyes. Would really have been interesting to have an approval about the topic during my thesis. Although it seems as I have to do with what I have.

I got the feedback from the examiner, of which I had to redo some of the proposal. It was expected since I just stressed it in. So after some changes I´m to send it back and be on my way. It´s rather good actually to get some feedback. Then I can sense the dynamics of what the focus is when writing within the social science.

Well. I guess it´s one day at a time as usual while one wonders if these sudden deaths to the eyes will ever stop. Amazing how the history managed to repeat itself.

/Struggling on

Balancing the scale

Hello  again!

I´m sitting at a new accommodation with the internship behind me. Now there´s probably gonna be a tug of war about views and opinions of the final report. I also hope there won´t be problems from late submissions of diary chapters. Oh this internship has really worn on the ability to find energy. I won´t celebrate until the report is submitted and I´ve a clearer view about consequences from the late submissions.

January has just kicked in with full force and the thermometer shows -17 degrees Celsius. The ground is white and sparkles in the sunshine during the days and depicturing the landscapes´ forms and features in late nights’ moonlight. I myself is trying to get the hang of the situation both with the new accommodation and how fair chance I got to make the deadline. I´m balancing right now on falter and success; don´t knowing when any of them´s gonna claim me.

If I just was to leave the internship and everything with it rather easy now I could actually make it. The subject has changed again although. The course leader didn´t buy the relation to sustainable development and lasers. Anyhow I got green light on hops in animal fodder for its antibacterial properties, to lighten the load of antibiotics to animals in agricultural sectors.

This is a subject I´ve had my eyes on for some years, but never got the time to delve deeper into. It´s a fairly interesting subject as well as rather tangible based on my university studies. Guess I´m beginning to search info and for a supervisor tomorrow, if not arguing about the report. Oh… sigh. At least I´m through the training!

That´s all for now.

Interns and volunteers


New weekend and this time I´ve promised myself I shall.. take the time to close the “to do” gap of paper exercises. It´s one month to deadline now for the research proposal. Wow. The time is ticking. The thought of just little more than 2 weeks at the internship left, awakens some hidden energy! 🙂 This has been a though time I can say and to finally see the light in the other side of the tunnel is such a relief.

I also got this typical phone call here the other day tightening the noose again – I´m released from my other accommodation one month earlier than expected^^ Oh oooh! So things feel a bit windy just now. Lots of stuff happening and one really needs to keep the calm. I mean if one had this ordinary family home that most do – I guess things wouldn´t matter, but all of us hasn´t been that fortunate during our lives. No you read right – not even in the fantastic Sweden, ho ho ho^^

So with relatively… sigh… little time left here at the farm thoughts of course goes towards those that have been here besides me, which I decided to write some lines about.

Besides me there are firstly two girls around their twenties. One is from France Audrey – and is therefore more known, with a little… help from me, as Viva la France^^ or the Impaler! But that´s another story. Kind of a social chameleon:) Here the other day she came dragging with the lid of a big animal feed container on her back – pretending to be a hermit crab^^ Hehe. When she saw a rat stealing food she snatched if over the neck. Stuck! Swoosh! Predator style with the wrist blades around the neck! ^^

The other girl – Suria – is from Luxemburg and is from her little more careful behavior more known as Pocahontas. They are kind ‘a sharing everything, Where one is, so is the other. Thereby the “Twins”^^ Kind of though both of them actually. Before we got the hot water in our house they showered cold for weeks.

Besides from us there are many that come and go – mostly more experienced that the farmers take use from when needed. My favorite was Antoine, also from France – a real badass at farming – studying at a counterpart of SLU, in France. He´s regrettably long gone now but his memory and the stunts still lingers on. The twins have lots of contact with him on Facebook. I´ve also heard some rumors that he might show up during Christmas:D

Well just some thoughts about my personal environment for now!

Another Saturday

Saturday again and sitting at Geo Centrum in Uppsala once again. In the Sustainable Development´s (almost) own library by the way. I´m seeing some other students passing outside the glass door in their own endeavors. Otherwise I´m almost alone here.

A good Saturday in other words. Just trying to warm up for my personal errands-Saturday.

I´ve been giving the thesis some more thought, but to be honest the internship is almost killing me. I´m really glad it´s only three weeks left, plus two days. Wow incredible how much energy that´s going into that right now. Meanwhile I´m bleeding energy over the thesis. I´ve at least found a plausible supervisor. Just wondering whether the guy has any time for me^^

Well, not much that´s changed in other words:P Just trying to survive this internship some more weeks.

That´s all for now!

Tnx for reading!

Learning process

Oh wow! I´m always completely finished when I come into my room after an 11 hour intensive work day. It´s hard to get some time left from the sleep. Use to drop right after the shower and a tick-check. The blogging is no exception I´m afraid.

I understand from my facebook page that school for the class mates is going steady. I´m thinking quite a lot of my thesis-start up during this semester. I´m still very unsure about whether to dive into agroforestry issues – which I want to work with. Or if I should contribute to the very skewed laser injury scientific field – which need a great boot in the butt. Into the right direction that is!

Yep! I´m in a quagmire. When one knows that both things will affect me heavily. Then it´s hard to decide. Meanwhile I´m striding on here at the farm. The harvesting period is almost done, but the seeding stages are dragging behind. It feels interesting when one begin to get some insight of what´s going on and have an own opinion about what lies behind these delays, likewise how they could have been avoided.

I guess I have to give in to the reasons to do the internship before going on into this field. One is learning everyday in a relatively fast pace in some cases. As the problem solver it´s very interesting to asking all the questions about the potential of environmental parameters and those of the conduct as such while learning. Perhaps not the best forum for personal interaction but I´m still thinking about how to do with that parameter.

This morning Antoine, the French student, left the farm. His internship in now completed and before taking on his studies in France he has a quite lot of tasks to fulfill on his family farm. With mixed feelings it seems like. As I understand his grade (unique) for him here at the farm was delightful. No more than right actually.

So the administrative tasks about accommodation and other personal matters goes on in the background when one has the time. Now I at least has talked to my lend lord and decided to search for something else. Meanwhile it´s the matter of thesis subject:) …

Well that´s all!

Three days

I´ve been on the farm for three days now. I´ve met some bigs and a bunch of sheep. Real escape artists the latter ones. They managed to run away just when one of the volunteers´parents came to visit. After some herding they were back where they should be:)

I´ve got an old cozy room at the farm to live in, among some other interns and volunteers. Hopefully the whole thing will be rather straight forward until the thesis during the last semester.

I´ve already begun to learn a little more what it´s all about. From drying the harvest to understand a bit how to manage the pigs. There can be quite a lot of things in the air during the lunch table, so one better listen. There´s a lot of things going on and there´s a lot of new tasks and mashines to learn. There´s quite a rotation of people though. One left one day after I arrived and another will leave next week.

I feel rather happy to be able to read once in a while again. I´ve been longing back to the lifestyle of lying on the back in the bed once or twice each day. So between the tasks during the days and the sleep during the nights there is some time to do what one wants to do essentially.

Since I have been ill I know from spending the first days at the university that the rest of school has begun as usual. There´s a lot of stirrings and welcomings of new students in Uppsala. Some have serious problems finding an accomodation though. One I met was changing campus to Gotland instead to study the same thing there via Uppsala University. All thanks to the lack of housing.

/That´s all for this time