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Which path to follow?

Hi again!

I see that the Sustainable thing is getting more incorporated into the working market for each day. At various Facebook pages I follow, these kinds of jobs keep popping up. Today I saw that the Swedish Board of Agriculture was searching for someone with lots of interests and knowledge in plain landscape management through our agricultural practice for example.

Somehow I get a feeling that these kinds of spots in foremost companies will increase. Many include the urgency to have the ability to communicate and uphold sustainable values. So it feels good in a way that there is after all some wills at companies to get up of old wheel tracks.

The future will tell how well this succeeds in relation to human behavior. My thoughts go directly to T2 when the human ask the infiltration unit about its own maker.

/All the best. Sincerely!


Oh, wow! I´m in some way back on the horse again. Sitting and picking up the pieces from where I left before the last strike in the eyes. Now it all comes back to me. The frustration about all these ideals within especially social sciences.

I mean “Theoretical Framework”. Have you ever heard anything as abstract? I as a Romantic am in real trouble here. Hehe. A great tip for anyone thinking about taking this program. Don´t make the mistake and think that social sciences are easier than natural sciences. All these ideals.

As of now I´m sitting with a couple of thesis templates as we got from one of our teachers and cross checking the two, while trying to follow the instructions. Many class mates I remember the last time I was in the fight, were really, really worn down by all these chains.

Hehe it feels half impossible just to get started. As it seems now I begin to get some kind of frame. Still I need to adapt this frame to the needs of “my” thesis. It seems as more time is being wasted just by trying to fold myself to all these ideals within science, rather than producing any results.

/Until next time

Looking back

It´s thesis time which creates a moment to look back on the program. There has been a rather straightforward journey spatially alternated between the two universities, with a possible individual second year. The absence of these sighs in the class rooms about the environment word is a relief. Here everyone is just as into various issues. For the first time in school I was surrounded by people having more interest than me into this.

As if that wasn´t enough each members’ knowledge in the class becomes an asset by itself. Engineers of different kinds, medicine students, biologists, geologists, law-, economic students, linguists, anthroposophist – and well, many others. Every one of us handpicked. All have contributed to the overall goal to intertwine knowledge and scientific disciplines. The code word is Interdisciplinary studies. It´s has been a high application pressure for this program, over 600 when I applied.

We have roamed across all sorts of fields and requirements of competences creating the need for some in real time to uphold others. One stand or fall together in case studies and group works. Everyone has been forced to learn good and bad sides of themselves. Some dragged lots of regrets from favoring the own discipline at the beginning. While many felt the program opened up way to slow, so many more felt the noose closing in on group works very fast if bleeding over the interdisciplinary group homogeneity. Yeah, if you want to contribute later on in life this program are sure to learn you the greatest lesson in life: listen first!

So where too, after the program? While we evolved in both our major and ability to learn others´, we were told by alumni that our lesson hasn´t been learned in overall academic society. Most hasn´t been drilled as we have, to overcome pride and prejudice to others’ competence. Meantime demand in the scientific sphere to over bridge this flaw has been notable for years. It seems as some players out there begin to give in a bit to their beliefs in experts rather than dynamic competences.

From what I´ve learned during this year, the contribution from science will never reach its potential of sustainable and interlinked with the rest of society without such training this program offers.


In position!

The deadline has passed and to begin with the bad news. A little kid here the other day thought it was funny angling this new bicycle light straight into my eyes from within an arms length, hidden best possible behind open hands. So now my eyes are messed up again. Hard to focus longer periods on the computer screen with lots of pain during nights when the eyes are relaxing. Sigh! Sure I could study for this restricted time frame, but I´m really hoping the eyes can come back, somewhat at least. One never knows.

The good news! I made the deadline! I managed the registration:) Thank you Åsa! Must have been the fastest research proposal ever. Little more than a week. Thankfully – alleviating my eyes for potential remastering, my supervisor having represented our interdisciplinary program, was more interested of my coming design than the proposal; do I understand what´s coming?

He said we students are representing a field romanticized by fellow academics off which most back down when asked themselves. It´s a no-man’s-land where students ends up bridging the flaws of professional academic idealism. It seems to me as if this program via continuous thesis framing, is bringing a higher potential of knowledge AND wisdom.

This seems with warmth in my heart, true for me as well bound to a deal I made with the supervisors. As of now I´ve fallen between the chairs. What begun as reluctance to be the main supervisor into the own discipline ended up with two supervisors to aid with much but what their positions could.

This is a long shot of trust between three entities of which the student should feel the seriousness, which I do! Both supervisors says: “I can´t aid you with tasks my position in this enterprise should entitle me too”. At the same time, here it comes; this is the exact position I have sought during almost ten years in the academy! The same position that´s lacking today. I can´t believe it!

Now it´s me that have been entrusted to wield the knowledge of experts around me, as a Holist, giving aided value to our endeavor, via the broadness, not depth, of my education. I feel this is going to be very interesting. Either way I´m going to explore a position that seems as a hot spot for what have been demanded among overall science latest years; a holist partly leading among experts for a synergy with direction and communication.

/That´s it!

The service sector

The situation!

About the internship within the service sector the name on the diploma is more important than the competence. I´ve sent about 20 applications and the sector doesn´t really know what to do with competences that deviate from paved lanes.

This is really maddening. Especially when veterans with big bellies in their suits tried to depicture it as I have wasted the years of intensive biochemical, agricultural and logistical studies. I should have followed the mainstream name on the diploma because I draw different conclusions from the mainstream. Still farmers are plunging down the abyss as I´m writing this, following their advice.

I can continue to kick the gravel best I want, but I think I would be better off with my own consultant company than following fools. I´m so frustrated so you won’t believe it from what I´ve heard so far. I bet it all on interdisciplinary studies since childhood thinking in inverse patterns and get the feeling there’s much narcissism out there desperately trying to defend status quo. No matter consequences for those they are running down the drain.

Now I actually found this farmer indirectly (when talking agriculture) during an agriculture fair which lies ahead of the mainstream producers in alternative production strategies. More independent as well. Just as expected! He´s one of few in Sweden that has knowledge and experience enough to dare test cultivate according e.g. agroforestry systems.  It can surely be time good invested to spend a semester at the farm.

I´m happy to have the ability to continue from where I left my bachelor. I was even happier that he wanted me to have small lectures now and then for wwoof:ers on his farm during my time there. He was rather impressed by my universally holistic approach.

As I said on the phone with him today; where this leads for my sake is too early to say but it would surely be good to have more practical experiences from the sector. Not least with alternative ways of producing food and life supporting services.

/All for this time

Back from the future

In the moment of swinging open the door to the CEMUS library in the middle of the night I stumbled upon the last fragments of stirrings from the Alumni meeting earlier. I had totally forgotten! There in the sofa sat the last souls from the evening´s activities, battling the sweet seduction from a shared wine bottle.

I took the opportunity to cross-examine them as they were about where their education had taken them. It was a little different; some were idling since a year or so; others worked as advisors; while some had jobs in the work sector. It was not that straight forward for interdisciplinary gifted persons to use their competence genuinely. Most laid back at their former educations and used this Master as added value.

There were although promises about a brighter future when companies had better grasped these more dynamic competences from experiences so far. Just as I thought it will be up to me to communicate my skills until companies and institutions has adapted.

The case study goes on. The group has agreed to dive into property issues for Controlled Environment Agriculture in dense built city areas as an example of urban agriculture. Some are more optimistic than others about the explosion of this hype. We are to begin with interviewing stakeholders about their willingness to rent properties for such use.

Next week we are about to visit the hydroponic cultivation project in Högdalen in Stockholm as a part of the study. Meantime we are presented the individual task for the course built on earlier course material. I have no real idea yet about the essence of it. I can only try to get as much out of the way as possible during the two days of the task.

The last CEMUS course runs its little course as we use to say in Swedish. There´s going to be a lot of small evaluating exercises done in groups. If things go as I hope it feels rather straight forward. Still I´ve to do the evil math exam but I hope the theory will be easier than the computing. So one feels quite busy with the last tasks of the first year.

/All the best


Mornings carrying some rejuvenation are dropping by through the window a little earlier every day sending its warm greetings, while winters´ disappearing presence still defies by taking back some of its lost temperature. Morning chats in ever increasing sunny corridors outside classrooms have been manifested by Swedish ambiguous weather.

It feels good that there have been talks about words from the Man, Society and Environment course of passing the class now waiting for the formalities. It has been a tedious group dynamics that have pounded on both body and soul. Hearing that everyone now hopefully can go their own way is more than welcomed.

Yeah! Sometimes confusion between disciplines can take sour turns. I now understand why SLU has been labeling itself as one of the very best universities of natural resource management in the world. That became very obvious this time. Bittersweet serenity is blended with some promise of being free 🙂

At the same time the Norra Länken task and yes… even some of the evil math have given way. It feels at last as I have breached through, giving justice to my endurance.

For the first time in weeks I feel as if I´m beginning to climb on top of things again!

/Until next time