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I have tried to find the time giving a word or two about incoming comments. After some time I guess one have to, take, the time. I want to thank for all the uplifting comments about my achievements. Especially the spammers. Thank you for the fantastic credit. It´s although sad that it in end it ruins for others. I have learned that much from professionals – be thankful for what one receive and then erase the spam. It takes so much time tracing every message of which one doesn´t know for sure if it´s genuine. I want everyone who have written genuine messages to know I read them. Thank you!




Ever since the University installed the incoming blog filter I´ve been rather isolated here from any incoming comments… ^^ …Incoming messages just disappeared. Since I´m new to this blog thing I recommend to contact CEMUS if there are any questions that just can´t wait, while I´m trying the Peter Stormare-Armageddon-lift-off-thing here.