This is a little project of mine I volunteered for, running alongside my studies.

Here you can find some quick information about foremost the CEMUS governed MSD program powered by SLU and Uppsala University. It´s an interdisciplinary program, meaning students are handpicked from different scientifical disciplines to train together. That´s what making the program so popular at Uppsala University.

Since I´m a Swede and have studied at SLU Alnarp beside SLU Ultuna I´ve squeezed in some info and links to other SLU falangs as well. Those are mainly for you wondering about green enterprises as such!

Feel free to utilize the information in the header. There you can find the program blog. Here´s the Program Page at Uppsala University and SLU for 2016/17.

Here are links to the MSD 2014, MSD 2015MSD 2016 classes on facebook.

If you have questions about available educations at SLU or about Uppsala University and the MSD program, just send a comment or something. Have been stuck at SLU for six years and UU for one year now so know the universities pretty well^^