Lack of work experience among academics at institutions?

I was thinking about that when one search for a job within institutions, which I have – the experience from any working sector seems unnecessary. Perhaps others have experienced this as well when adding or compensating knowledge from studies with experiences from work? I have wondered many times whether one was to see any consequences about this attitude among employers representing their service sectors.

Now I actually came across an episode from a Swedish journalist series named Uppdrag Granskning – which could be translated as Mission Inspection. I witnessed how Swedish farmers were harassed by veterinaries and animal inspectors about the health of their animals. The conclusion by clinical studies was that by means of data from bone marrows and autopsies nothing was accurate from visual inspections of the animal health.

The reasons for these unjust rulings from veterinaries and animal inspectors were total lack of experience from both animal anatomy and their preferred behavior. Clinical studies presented in the program stated in absolute terms that both latter competences in these two cases had resulted in totally wrong decisions – culling and changed ownership by the force of law.

This is a very good example of how valuable experience within the field one represents as an academic really is. Still I feel when laying strong value to work experience for jobs at institutions that it is considered unnecessary for the duties.

Just a thought.

I insert the YouTube material here from the program episode. It´s in Swedish but perhaps some get a good opportunity to practice^^


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