Treading on

Here I am, writing and reading about hops, a major part of my thesis. I feel I have mustered enough info soon to just spit it out on paper and begin with the theoretical framework and other stuff. Ah, I must say it´s a bit tricky, this very strict code of conduct.

Well I came to learn and so I have. Although I feel that it´s very much idealism right now. Wow. It´s almost hard sometimes to see this realism in the middle of all these ways of choosing how to classify right or wrong.

With the Death Hour from Nolongerhuman in the background I´m just letting the writing take me somewhere without much info about where I´m going. I guess this is why no frame looks like another among the student works I´ve read so far.

At the same time I´m trying to avoid getting paranoid from my landlord asking about where I´m going all the time so she can give me a baby sitter to guard the newly arrived guest when I´m alone. At least she´s not almost hostile as the former one was in Uppsala:P Although I´ve put in another ad again for new accommodation^^

One baby step at a time.

/Until next time

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