Hi again! Time for another report about what´s happening.

As usual I´m writing on the thesis. Just changed accommodation as well. I can´t complain to get out of the former one. Now I´m living in another city and can look back at the time in Uppsala private accommodation market. To be honest Uppsala for me was very problematic when it came to private accommodations. I didn´t like my landlords and I can´t say they liked me very much either. For me it felt as a very overcrowded city with lots of frustration among people.

If I could manage the poison sticks I would surely had lived in a common student corridor rather than private accommodations in the city. What I will miss with Uppsala is the fancy trails in the woods that I used to orient around, but I believe that´s the only thing.

Now I´ll explore this city while continuing to write on the thesis. I begin to get the hang of things finally. It has been a very intangible to get the hands on right headlines and stuff. Also I have some kind of orientation about further disposition which feels rather nice actually.

I see on the mail that class mates are wondering about mandatory sessions concerning presentations and stuff, that give me some hints about that many are abroad. For me although the presentation date will most surely be set to autumn. It has been a stormy second year and it´s just natural that the deadline will be affected.

Well, that´s it folks!


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