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Treading on

Here I am, writing and reading about hops, a major part of my thesis. I feel I have mustered enough info soon to just spit it out on paper and begin with the theoretical framework and other stuff. Ah, I must say it´s a bit tricky, this very strict code of conduct.

Well I came to learn and so I have. Although I feel that it´s very much idealism right now. Wow. It´s almost hard sometimes to see this realism in the middle of all these ways of choosing how to classify right or wrong.

With the Death Hour from Nolongerhuman in the background I´m just letting the writing take me somewhere without much info about where I´m going. I guess this is why no frame looks like another among the student works I´ve read so far.

At the same time I´m trying to avoid getting paranoid from my landlord asking about where I´m going all the time so she can give me a baby sitter to guard the newly arrived guest when I´m alone. At least she´s not almost hostile as the former one was in Uppsala:P Although I´ve put in another ad again for new accommodation^^

One baby step at a time.

/Until next time

Which path to follow?

Hi again!

I see that the Sustainable thing is getting more incorporated into the working market for each day. At various Facebook pages I follow, these kinds of jobs keep popping up. Today I saw that the Swedish Board of Agriculture was searching for someone with lots of interests and knowledge in plain landscape management through our agricultural practice for example.

Somehow I get a feeling that these kinds of spots in foremost companies will increase. Many include the urgency to have the ability to communicate and uphold sustainable values. So it feels good in a way that there is after all some wills at companies to get up of old wheel tracks.

The future will tell how well this succeeds in relation to human behavior. My thoughts go directly to T2 when the human ask the infiltration unit about its own maker.

/All the best. Sincerely!


Hi again! Time for another report about what´s happening.

As usual I´m writing on the thesis. Just changed accommodation as well. I can´t complain to get out of the former one. Now I´m living in another city and can look back at the time in Uppsala private accommodation market. To be honest Uppsala for me was very problematic when it came to private accommodations. I didn´t like my landlords and I can´t say they liked me very much either. For me it felt as a very overcrowded city with lots of frustration among people.

If I could manage the poison sticks I would surely had lived in a common student corridor rather than private accommodations in the city. What I will miss with Uppsala is the fancy trails in the woods that I used to orient around, but I believe that´s the only thing.

Now I´ll explore this city while continuing to write on the thesis. I begin to get the hang of things finally. It has been a very intangible to get the hands on right headlines and stuff. Also I have some kind of orientation about further disposition which feels rather nice actually.

I see on the mail that class mates are wondering about mandatory sessions concerning presentations and stuff, that give me some hints about that many are abroad. For me although the presentation date will most surely be set to autumn. It has been a stormy second year and it´s just natural that the deadline will be affected.

Well, that´s it folks!



Since last time I´ve continued working on the thesis. Even took the time to visit Geo center for a quick errand. Although I saw only one of the class mates. Guess everyone is home writing on their stuff. After all, this is the final course, then we are done with the program.

I myself am trying best possible to get things done. This whole week and a few days more has been spent managing lots of errands. It was a long time ago I had one of these, just drop everything and begin putting out fires, kind of a thing. Guess it has been necessary although. A couple of days more now and I hope to be back on the original track again.

Well not much more to be said.

/Until next post



First off; concerning school I´ve made some major breakthrough the last weeks. Ah I love my beautiful eyes that manage so strongly to function. Oh I just love them.

Here the other day I was as agreed with the course coordinator to the eye doctor again. Very reluctantly I can say. Today I´m thinking back at the discussion with the eye doctor with his candidates between, turning their heads between each argument back and forth.

Here you have some good thoughts from other sources concerning threat assessments about lasers. Some of the points there are not agreeing with mine. I although believe no matters who are right or not that it serves as a good platform for getting into the discussion for those interested.

Now I´ve visited three cities’ eye doctors in Sweden. Just as before I can with lots of doubt just conclude what has been concluded before. Firstly the patient´s perception doesn´t matter for them. It´s always some other explanation for eye problems caused by lasers. More than for me that is.

Also their update about deregulations of lasers hasn´t kicked in. Still believes that one can´t get ones hands on dangerous lasers in our society… That one has to go to Asia to buy those. Still I can order anyone I want from Swedish companies that doesn´t even bother to check for licenses.

That´s two bummers for our white coats so far. The third is the unwillingness to meet arguments scientifically. There´s just a more firm tone to conform that the other one is wrong, as if that would increase how the same argument holds up… It´s so sad actually.

I as part of the academy searching for a sustainable use of lasers am completely invisible in the patient room. That´s if anything is not sustainable. Preferably eye doctors also should consider, as I mentioned to him, patients’ subjective perception instead of being 100% objective.

Now we´re also landing in the plain discussion of how healthy it has been for science to get ripped of subjective traits. Is it really an entirely good thing? We have been touching that subject multiple times in class during the first year.

I´m mean; what can I say. I can´t say the doctor did wrong by checking my eyes, finding no visual deviation. Especially since I have begun avoiding the retina scan owed to insane hyper sensitivity. Very neat although that the candidates managed to subject my eyes for what I believe was a AF ttl laser through the fancy camera they had coupled to their tools.

One stress after another. Will this laser nightmare ever end? Even in the patient room. Come on!

That´s that folks!