While spending every other day freezing owed to the erratic weather changes the thesis is slowly progressing ahead. Typical for April. I begin to get the feeling for this poultry thing now and a few headlines have been proposed in my doc. Even though we studied some agricultural production we only touched onto animal husbandry. So it´s very interesting to study something one hasn´t really delved deeper into before.

I watched some of the installation presentations by the new professors at SLU today at the web. Safely away from the laser pointers they were openly wrestling to master. Yes, I don´t stand for this irresponsible usage in the class rooms. Grownups should know better!

Here you have the link to the presentations. Perhaps they will contain subtitles in the future. As of now they are all in Swedish. Sorry I see they have moved it. If you find it faster than me on the homepage, knock yourselves out:) Regrettably recordings seem to be held by different institutions, so they are spread all over.

Anyhow it was much oriented around animal science with a lot of information ranging from animal husbandry to human consumption patterns and relation to food. Some had quite interesting presentations, both as such but also since I had hard times agreeing about approaches to food safety.

For example one of the professors started with presenting this old food gap set by FAO to 70% in the future, so many years ago. I remember I used it in my thesis as well at the time. I think it´s too bad many pinpointed changes in food consumption and a demand for willingness to pay for what the production cost, as alternatives to press the efficiency in the production. Isn´t a change in our behavior the number 1 most important change in the whole list?

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